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to describe roughly, to give a sketchy outline of
to foreshadow, to give a distinct hint of something that will happen
to overshadow, to shadow or obscure


known or understood by only a few, mysterious


concealed or hidden, not openly practiced or shown


to draw or bring out, elicit
to assume from evidence or facts, to deduce


to understand or comprehend


impossible to pierce, break through or enter
impossible to understand, incomprehensible


incapable of being affected, harmed or broken into


transparent, clear
calm untroubled and serene
easily intelligible or understood


clearly apparent or obvious
th show or demonstrate plainly to reveal
a list of passengers or cargo on a ship, plane truck or train


cloudy, misty, or hazy
vague without defined form or limits


something or someoe attached to another in a dependent or sunbordinate position
added or connected in a subordinate, temporary or auxiliary position


to combine into a unified or an integrated whole; to unite


a person from one's country; colleague


a secret or confidential meeting
a meeing of family members or associates


sharing an edge or boundary , neighboring or adjacent
connecting in time without break, uninterrupted


widely spread or scattered; not concentrated
wordy or unclear
to depart from a set course or norm; deviate


ti exted in diffferent directions from a common point; to branch out
to differ in opinion and manner
to depart from a set course or norm; to deviate


equality in amount status or value; functional equivalence


the interaction or cooperation of agents or forces so that their combined effects is greater than the sum if their individual effects


to pass beyond the limits of, to greater than, to surpass
to exist above and independent of

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