CM 16700 - CH.11&12

Shear panels or shear walls are sometimes used in steel-framed buildings. Which component of wood light frame construction serves the same function as a shear panel/wall?
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The steel used for light gauge steel framing differs from the steel discussed in Chapter 11 ("Steel Frame Construction") in that light gauge steel is:cold-rolledIn the light gauge designation "250U050-54"U designates this as a channelExterior sheathing for noncombustible light gauge steel walls is typically:gypsum boardWrought iron- contains little or no carbon - contains even less carbon than most steel alloysWhich of the following is not a fastening method of steel members?stampingT/F Stainless steel is usually made by adding chromium and nickel to the alloy.TrueT/F The steel used for light gauge steel framing is typically hot rolled. (cold rolled is the answer)FalseT/F In iron alloys, an increase in carbon content generally corresponds to decrease in hardness and brittleness. (ANSWER: increase in carbon content increases in hardness and brittleness)FalseT/F In mini-mills, steel scrap is converted directly to new steel, bypassing the need to make iron from ore.TrueT/F Thermal treatments applied after steel shapes are formed usually increase their strength and yield strength.True