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50 terms

Negative and Affirmative informal commands with object pronouns (exp. 1, 7.2)

no te afeites las piernas
don't shave your legs
no te despiertes temprano
don't wake up early
no te pongas el piyama
don't put on your pajamas
no te peines
don't comb your hair
no te laves los dientes
don't brush your teeth
no te estires
don't stretch
no te levantes tarde
don't get up late
no te bañes
don't take a bath
no te acuestes tarde
don't go to bed late
no te quites la ropa
don't take off your clothes
no te seques el pelo
don't dry your hair
no te maquilles
don't put on make up
no te vistas
don't get dressed
no te relajes
don't relax
no te mantengas en forma
don't stay in shape
no te prepares
don't get ready
no te quites los zapatos
don't take off your shoes
no te laves las manos
don't wash your hands
no lo escribas
don't write it
no los laves
don't wash them (dishes)
no la acuestes
don't put her to bed
no nos despiertes
don't wake us up
no te entrenes
don't work out
no los pongas en la mesa
don't put them (books) on the table
no las levantes
don't lift them (weights)
aféitate las piernas
shave your legs
despiértate temprano
wake up early
ponte el piyama
put on your pajamas
comb your hair
lávate los dientes
brush your teeth
levántate tarde
get up late
take a bath
acuéstate tarde
go to bed late
quítate la ropa
take off your clothes
sécate el pelo
dry your hair
put on make up
get dressed
mantente en forma
stay in shape
get ready
quítate los zapatos
take off your shoes
lávate las manos
wash your hands
write it
wash them (dishes)
put her to bed
wake us up
work out
ponlos en la mesa
put them (books) on the table
lift them (weights)