Care Management and Legal Issues (Section 8)

Define case management
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1. projected evaluations & therapeutic modalities

2. diagnostic testing/education assessment

3. w/c needs, accessories, and maintenance

4. aids for IND functioning

5. orthotics/prosthetics

6. home furnishings and accessories

7. drugs/supplies

8. home care/facility care

9. transportation

10. health and strength maintenance

11. architectural renovations

12. future medical care/surgical

13. intervention or aggressive tx

14. orthopedic equipment

15. vocational and educational plan

16. potential complications
What is the nations oldest and largest brain injury advocacy organization?Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA)Define advocacyperson/organization that speaks/writes in support or defense of an individual or cause (family, friend, self, CM, attorney, or guardian)Define public policycombo of enacted legislation, regulations, and judicial interpretations of laws that advocate to improve access to healthcare, edu, housing, transportation, employment, and incomeImportant Public Policy related to BI1. Rehab Act of 1973 2. TBI Act of 1996 3. IDEA 4. Section 504 (of Rehab Act) 5. ADAPt factors (person with BI) that impact CG distress1. social impairments 2. cog impairments 3. behavioral impairmentsFactors that impact CGs unmet emotional and social supports1. reduced QOL 2. instrument supports (attending to one's own needs, respite, rest, help from others) 3. professional supports (resources) 4. emotional supports (fears/doubts about future, prepping for worst, discussing feeligns)What are the legal rights of a pt with BIthey have same legal rights as anyoneWho may exercise legal rights if the pt with BI is unable to do so?a legal representativeDefine Patient's Bill of Rightswritten guarantee of basic rights for individuals in tx programs that must be adhered by staffExamples of Patient's Bill of Rights1. treat with respect, consideration, dignity 2. receive and send unopened mail 3. manage financial affairs or given an account of transactions 4. unaccompanied access to phone for emergency/personal crisis 5. make contacts in community to achieve highest level of INDDefine competencyThe mental ability to understand the nature and effect one's decisions and actionsWho may determine if an individual is legally incompetent?the courtIf a person is legally incompetent, then who may appoint a representative to make decisions?the courtDefine Guardianshipa legally-enforceable arrangement in which the guardian has the legal right and duty to care for another (the ward)When does "natural" guardian dissolve?when the age of adulthood is reached; even for those with a BI unless legal action is takenT/F: the Ward loses basic rights under guardianshipFALSET/F: Guardianship does NOT necessarily extinguish legal rights of ward (i.e., vote or marry)TRUEWhat type of guardian manages and makes decisions about personal affairs (i.e., food, shelter, clothing, medical care, edu, rehab)?Guardian of the PersonWhat type of guardian only manages the ward's financial affairs and property?Guardian of the EstateWhat type of guardian manages the ward's personal needs and property?Plenary GuardianshipDefine Power of AttorneyA document where a competent person appoints other person to act for him/her in legal and financial issuesWhen can the designated Power of Attorney be appointed?can be immediate or when something happensDefine Durable Power of AttorneyThe document/agreement does NOT change when the person becomes disabled or incompetentDifference between Power of Attorney and Living Will1. Power of Attorney: designates the agent to make decisions on his/her behalf 2. Living Will (Advanced Directive): individual indicates their wishes regarding specific measures of care, if or when they become incapacitated and can no loner make own care decisionsDefine abusethe will infliction of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation, or punishment with resulting physical harm, pain, or mental anguish also includes deprivation of goods or services necessary to attain or maintain well-beingDefine neglecta failure to provide for the basic needs of a dependent individualDefine exploitationThe illegal use of a dependent individual's property without consentWhen can restraints/seclusions be used?as a last resort when less restrictive measures are unsuccessful or pt/others are in dangerRestraints and Seclusion are crisis intervention/safety mechanism NOT ___________treatment alternativeRestraints/seclusion go beyond _______physical (med, mechanical)Identify medically prescribed restraints1. prescribed by physician 2. vests - prevent falling OOB 3. helmets - pts prone to seizures 4. lap belts or lap trays 5. can be managed by pt or removed by pt's direction