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is a huge network that connects computers all over the world.


is a group of computers that can communicate, or transmit information, with one another.


components that the Internet consists of.

World Wide Web

is a system of linked files that may also contain text, graphics, audio, video, or animation.

Internet service provider (ISP)

a business that allows users to to access the Internet through the provided network.


a set of rules and procedures specifying how data needs to be formatted and transmitted between computer systems.

Web site

a group of linked pages of related files, organized around a common topic.

Web page

a file with a unique name and is the basic component of the Web.

Web browser

allows you to locate and display web pages on a computer screen.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP

which interlinks Web pages by interpreting a hyperlink and jumping to the specified location.


software that works with a browser to play a particular file format.

Streaming media

a technique for transmitting audio and video files so they can begin playing sound or video files as soon as the computer begins receiving them.

Uniform resource locator or URL

every Web page has a unique, or one-of-a-kind,

Domain name

identifies the entity that sponsors the site.

Search engine

an application that locates information about Web pages and then stores this information in searchable databases that you can access from your browser.


an important word related to the topic you are trying to locate.

Boolean search

specifies how the search engine should use keywords to locate specific pages.


the audio or video recording of a broadcast that is distributed via the Web.


applies to what is right and wrong, good and bad.

Acceptable use policy or AUP

an agreement that regulates online use.


refers to the general rules of social behavior for online users.


repeated harassment of one person by another person using Internet chat rooms, text messages, social networking sites, and digital technology.


grants ownership of a work and asserts that only the copyright's owners has the right to sell or use the work or to allow someone else to sell of use it.


is the name, symbol, or other feature that identifies a product with a specific owner.


a short note that acknowledges the source.

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