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The study of structure


The study of function


The study of cells


The study of Tissues


The study of development


The study of disease

List some characteristics of of living organisms:

1. Respiration: Take in Oxygen and produce energy
2. Metabolism: Burning energy for processes
3. Waste Producing
4. Adaptability (Responsiveness)


Dynamic (continually shifting) state of equilibrium; provides stability

Negative Feedback

The output shuts off the original input

Positive Feedback

The response enhances the original stimulus. (Cascade, Amplified)


Pertaining to the whole body

Major Cavities: Dorsal

1. Cranial
2. Vertebral

Major Cavities: Ventral

1. Thoracic
2. Abdominal
3. Pelvic


Thin double-layered membrane lining the walls of the ventral body cavity and the outer surfaces of the organs (inner visceral and outer parietal)


Shadowy negative of internal structures. Dense structures absorb the x-rays.

CT scan

computer tomography; refined X-ray

PET scan

positron emission tomography; observes metabolic processes


ultrasound; high frequency sound waves


magnetic resonance imaging; high-contrast image of soft tissues


a body being used for medical training or research


thorough examination of a corpse in order to determine the cause of death to evaluate any disease or injury that may be present

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