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  1. meander
  2. salubrious
  3. escapist
  4. renowned
  5. palpable
  1. a adjective, very well known, famous
  2. b adj plainly seen, heard, perceived
  3. c v to follow a winding and turning course; to wander aimlessly
  4. d adj healthy; wholesome; promoting health or well being
  5. e adj providing pleasure and diversion from unpleasant realities

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  1. adj capable of being understood in two or more possible senses or ways
  2. adjective, arching, reaching or stretching for the heights
  3. n an overwhelming defeat or rout; a stunning, ruinous collapse
  4. adjective, clothed; dressed
  5. adj combining elements from a variety of sources

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  1. proliferatevb to grow rapidly; to produce or to create in great number; to multiply rapidly


  2. rampartsnoun, fortification (esp. walls)


  3. condescendv to deal with people in a patronizing superior manner


  4. importunevb to urge or to entreat persistently or repeatedly' to trouble with requests or demands


  5. retributionn something given or demanded in repayment, especially punishment


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