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  1. harangue
  2. brandish
  3. pensive
  4. lacerate
  5. mote
  1. a vb to tear jaggedly; to mangle (something soft, like flesh) 2) to wound or to hurt esp. one's feelings, deeply
  2. b n a very small particle; speck
  3. c verb to wave something about, especially a weapon
  4. d noun, a long speech characterized by strong feeling; a tirade
  5. e adj suggestive of sad thoughtfulness

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  1. adj excessive; extravagant; going beyond what is reasonable or fair
  2. n complete honesty; integrity; uprightness in one's dealings
  3. verb, to oppose and defeat the effort
  4. adj impossible to comprehend, deep, profound
  5. verb, to make holy, usually a place

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  1. salubriousadj healthy; wholesome; promoting health or well being


  2. exultverb, to rejoice greatly; be jubilant or triumphant


  3. conjureverb, to expose to danger or risk


  4. importunevb to urge or to entreat persistently or repeatedly' to trouble with requests or demands


  5. epitomenoun a typical or ideal example