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  1. sagacity
  2. draconian
  3. tremulous
  4. retribution
  5. placate
  1. a adj marked by trembling, quivering or shaking
  2. b adj harsh; severe
  3. c n something given or demanded in repayment, especially punishment
  4. d noun wisdom, good judgment
  5. e verb to make less angry or upset by doing or saying something to please

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  1. verb/noun, to walk or progress with a slow, heavy pace/such a walk
  2. verb, to make motionless with terror, amazement or awe
  3. n an overwhelming defeat or rout; a stunning, ruinous collapse
  4. adj convincing, based on sound reasoning
  5. verb, to oppose and defeat the effort

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  1. presentimentadj profoundly moving; touching


  2. lumberverb, to walk or move with heavy clumsiness


  3. despicableadj plainly seen, heard, perceived


  4. meagerv to follow a winding and turning course; to wander aimlessly


  5. musternoun/verb, a gathering of troops for service/to gather troops for service