Climate and Geography Test

Why do the Appalachian Plateau, Ridge & Valley, and Blue Ridge regions experience cooler climates?
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What crops are successfully grown in the Coastal Plains region?peanuts, peaches, cotton, pecans, onionsWhich physical feature's stunning, high elevation landscapes encourages tourism?Appalachian MountainsWhich region is being described below? Largest Region Located in South Georgia Warmest Climate in Georgia Partially Fertile Soil Known for its deep water ports and fishingCoastal PlainGeorgia's deep water ports are located in _____ and ______.Savannah and BrunswickWhich is the smallest, mountainous region and has poor soil for farming?Appalachian PlateauIn what region of the United States is Georgia located?southeastWater plays an important part in establishing county lines and state borders. Which of the following are examples of this in Georgia?The Chattahoochee River establishes the border between Georgia and Alabama, and the Savannah River establishes the border between Georgia and South Carolina.Gold was found in which of the physical features?Appalachian MountainsGeorgia is located in what hemispheres?Northern and Western HemispheresWhat two transportation modes are good for international trade and tourism?Airports and Deep Water PortsWhich physical feature contains one of the busiest ports in the nation for oceangoing container ships?Savannah RiverMany ________ can be found along the fall line.WaterfallsGeorgia has __ deep water ports.2Which region is known for manufacturing textiles and carpet?Ridge & ValleyIn which region is Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport located?PiedmontWhich region is being described below? The highest point in Georgia is located here Located in northeast Georgia Coolest Climate in Georgia Small farms and livestock Known for miningBlue RidgeWhich physical feature forms the border between Georgia and Alabama?Chattahoochee RiverGeorgia is located on what continent?North AmericaWhat fossil fuel was mined in the Appalachian Plateau region?CoalWhich physical feature protects the mainland of Georgia from major storms and hurricanes?Barrier Islands