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Lesson 1-3 Vocabulary

Adventures In Japanese 1 by Hiromi Peterson and Naomi Omizo Lesson 1-3 Vocabulary Greetings
おはよう。 o-ha-yoo
Good Morning. (informal)
おはよう ございます。 o-ha-yoo go-zai-mas
Good Morning. (formal)
こんいちは。 kon-ni-chi-wa
Hello. Hi.
さようなら。 sa-yoo-na-ra
Smithせんせい Smith-sen-sei
Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr. Smith
まりさん Mari-san
Mari (-SAN suffix attached to names, not attached to your own name and family members)
はい。 Hai
こんばん は。 kon-ban-wa
Good Evening.
じゃあね。 jaa ne
See You.
ジョンくん Jon-kun
Jon. John. (-KUN suffix attached to boys' names, also used by superiors to address inferiors