Module 9 Reading Assignment - Diabetes

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What are the common symptoms of diabetes?
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excessive thirst
blurred vision
weight gain
frequent urination
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What is a primary characteristic of Type 1 Diabetes?
destruction of pancreatic beta cells due to an autoimmune disorder
insulin resistance caused by obesity
overabundance of insulin production leading to cell saturation
slowed production of insulin leading to a gradual rise in glucose levels
Why do people with type 1 diabetes need insulin? a. they have become insulin resistant b. they have developed hyperinsulinemia c. they no longer synthesize sufficient insulin d. their gut digests insulin with GI enzymescWhat blood test is used to determine long-term blood glucose control? a. fasting glucose b. glycosylated hemoglobin (HA1C) c. albumin d. c-reactive proteinbThe health care professional knows her instruction on label reading is effective when the client states: a. Add the grams of total carbohydrate and grams of sugars together to determine the amount of carbohydrate in the food. b. Adjust the total carbohydrates by subtracting the fiber grams provided in each serving. c. Use only the grams of sugar in each serving to determine carbohydrate choices. d. Combine the sugar and fiber in each serving to determine carbohydrate choices.bWhich of the following statements is true regarding carbohydrate in the diabetic diet? a. Low-carbohydrate diets are recommended. b. All concentrated sweets should be avoided. c. A high fiber diet is emphasized. d. Simple carbohydrates should be emphasized.cWhich of the following foods provides the quickest rise in blood sugars? a. Low fat yogurt b. Peanut butter c. Diet Cola d. Grape juiceaWhich of the following meals would allow for the most "sustained" blood sugars? a. 1 cup pasta with tomato sauce, 2 cups salad with romaine lettuce, cucumber and vinaigrette dressing, one cup water b. Peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread, one cup low-fat milk c. 8 ounces steak, 1 cup spinach, 1 glass red wine d. Two cups fried rice with carrot & onion, 1 cup apple juiceaWhich food would have the least effect on blood glucose levels? a. fruit juice b. biscuit c. vanilla wafer d. carrotsdLooking at this food tray and comparing it to the "Diabetes Plate Method", how would you tell a patient to improve upon this meal? This meal is composed of 6 falafels, 1/4 cup tzatziki sauce, and 4 orange slices. Falafels are a mixture of chickpeas and spices that are fried. The tzatziki sauce is made of greek yogurt, cucumber, olive oil, and herbs. a. Add some milk b. Add more fruit c. Make half the tray vegetables d. Include some meat.The Diabetes Plate method includes 1/2 the plate with non-starch vegetables, 1/4 plate carbohydrate foods (fruit, milk, starch, grains), and 1/4 protein. cUse the food label below to answer the question. How many CHO servings are in the container of french fries? a. 1 CHO serving b. 2 CHO servings c. 3 CHO servings d. 4 CHO servingsc 117/46Mr. Sanchez, a 52-year-old male, is being discharged from the hospital. He participates freely in the discussion during discharge instructions for managing type 2 diabetes. Which statement indicates some understanding of his nutrition plan? a. "I should avoid dried beans and peas because they have too much starch." b. "Green peas and green beans are both in the vegetable exchange group." c. "Sausage won't make my blood sugar go up but it will clog my arteries." d. "If I don't want to drink 8 oz. of skim milk, I can drink 4 oz. of whole milk instead."cWhich of the following are recommended meal planning principles for diabetes? [mark all correct answers] a. Consume small, frequent meals b. Avoid all foods and beverages containing sugar c. Consistent intake of carbohydrate throughout the day d. Low carbohydrate diet e. High protein diet f. Keep intake of added sugars low g. Consume a variety of healthy foods h. Choose whole grains over refined grainsa c f g hMatch the food with its exchange food group. a. vegetable b. fruit c. milk d. starch e. meat 1. Peas 2. Cheese 3. Carrots 4. Yogurt 5. Orange juice1. d 2. e 3. a 4. c 5. bWhich of the following receives a high priority in the treatment of type 2 diabetes because of its beneficial effects in improving blood glucose control, improving blood lipids, and reducing blood pressure? a. physical activity b. a low-fat diet c. avoiding sugar d. sodium-restricted dietaWhat is equivalent to one carbohydrate serving? Select ALL that apply. [mark all correct answers] a. 1 slice bread b. small whole apple c. 1 oz baked fish d. 1/2 cup cooked spinach e. 1 cup fat free milk f. 1 oz cheddar cheese g. 1/2 cup sweet peasa b e gOne serving of which food group counts as a carbohydrate serving? a. Milk b. Fat c. Protein d. AlcoholaOn the Diabetes Plate Method of meal planning, half the plate should be filled with: a. Meats b. Whole grains c. Fruits d. Non-starchy vegetablesdWhich of the following statements best describes the appropriate use of alcohol by individuals with diabetes? a. It should not be used. b. It should be used 3-4 times/week only. c. It should be consumed on an empty stomach. d. It should be consumed in moderation with meals.dA.) 0 CHO Servings B.) 1 CHO Servings C.) 2 CHOWhat is the best way for a person to know if their diabetes is being well-controlled? a. A physical exam monthly b. Self-monitoring of blood glucose c. If they can maintain their weight d. If they feel goodbWhich of the following is appropriate treatment for hypoglycemia? Check all that apply. [mark all correct answers] a. 4 ounces orange juice b. 8 ounces low-fat milk c. 5 Hershey kisses d. 1 can diet soda e. 2 cups water f. ½ can regular sodaa b fHypoglycemia is best treated with: a. 15 grams fast-acting carbohydrate b. 5 grams protein c. 40 grams high-fiber carbohydrate d. A combination of 20 grams carbohydrate and 5 grams of fata