Who was king during the French Revolution?
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During what Battle did the British finally defeat Napoleon and end the French Empire of 1815?Battle of WaterlooWhat country in Eastern Europe lacked a strong merchant class and still had absolute monarchs as late as 1915 CE?RussiaWhat country in Europe had a strong merchant class and as a result overthrew their absolute monarch, James II, in 1688 during the Glorious Revolution and established the first limited monarchy in Western Europe?Great BritainWhat word means when the people have the right to change their government if it violates their rights?Social ContractIn what country in the Caribbean did slaves revolt because they were inspired by the events in France?HaitiWhat two countries in South America had revolutions inspired by the French Revolution?Brazil BoliviaWho led the only successful slave revolt in history in the French colony of Saint Domingue in 1801?Toussaint LouvertureWhich 19th century ideology- Conservatism or Liberalism- liked the ideas of the Enlightenment, supported written constitutions, and freedom of the individual?LiberalismAt what conference did conservative elements in Europe establish a balance of power as a bulwark against future radical revolutions like the French Revolution?Congress of ViennaWhich 19th century ideology arose in reaction against radicalism of American and French Revolutions- Conservatism or Liberalism?ConservatismWho did not achieve citizenship as a result of the French Revolution?Women Slaves