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Algebra Chapter 1


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or additive inverse, of any number b is -b.
or multiplicative inverse, of any nonzero number b is 1/b.
numerical expression
consists of numbers, operations, and grouping symbols.
an expression formed by repeated multiplication of the same factor.
represents the number of times the base is used as a factor.
In 7^3 what is the number 7
is a letter that is used to represent one or more numbers.
algebraic expression
an expression involving variables.
In an expression that can be written as a sum, the parts added together are called
variable term
A term that has a variable part is called
constant term
a term that had no variable part is called
When a term is a product of a number and a power of a variable, the number is called the ________ of the power
like terms
terms that have the same variable parts.
equivalent expressions
Two algebraic expressions are _______ if they have the same value for all values of their variable.
A statement such as 8x + 3x = 11x that equates two equivalent expressions is called
is a statement that two expressions are equal.
linear equation
is an equation that can be written in the form ax + b =0 where a and b are constants and a cannot = 0
solution of an equation
a number is a ________________ in one variable if substituting the number for the variables results in a true statement.
equivalent equations
Two equations are ________ if they have the same solutions.
is an equation that relates two or more quantities, usually represented by variables.
solve for a variable
to ___________ means to rewrite an equation as an equivalent equation in which the variable is on one side by itself and does not appear on the other side.
verbal model
A word equation.
linear inequality
in one variable can be written in one of the following forms, where a and b are real numbers and a cannot = 0
ax+b<0 or ax +b>0
solution of an inequality
a ______________ in one variable is a value that, when substituted for the variable, results in a true statement.
graph of an inequality
the _____________ in one variable consists of all points on a number line that represent solutions.
compound inequality
consists of two simple inequalities joined by "and" or "or"
equivalent inequalities
inequalities that have the same solutions as the original inequality.
absolute value
the distance the number is from 0 on a number line
extraneous solution
is an apparent solution that must be rejected because it does not satisfy the original equation.