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Unit 1


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adjacent (adj.)
near, next to, adjoining
alight (v.)
to get down from; step down from; to come down from the air, land
alight (adj.)
lighted up
barren (adj.)
not productive, bare
disrupt (v.)
to break up, disturb
dynasty (n.)
a powerful family or group of rulers that maintains its position or power for some time
foretaste (adj.)
an advance indication, sample, or warning
germinate (v.)
to begin to grow, come into being
humdrum (adj.)
ordinary, dull, routine, without variation
hurtle (v.)
to rush violently, dash headlong; to fling or hurl forcefully
insinuate (v.)
to suggest or hint slyly; to edge into something indirectly
interminable (adj.)
endless, so long as to seem endless
interrogate (n.)
to ask questions, examine by questioning
recompense (v.)
to pay back; to give a reward
recompense (n.)
a payment for loss, service, or injury
renovate (v.)
to repair, restore to good condition, make new again
resume (n.)
a brief summary; a short written account of one's education, working experience, or qualifications for a job
sullen (adj.)
silent or brooding because of ill humor, anger, or resentment; slow moving, sluggish
trickle (v.)
to flow or fall by drops or in a small stream
trickle (n.)
a small, irregular quantity of anything.
trivial (adj.)
not important, minor; ordinary, commonplace
truce (n.)
a pause in fighting, temporary peace
vicious (adj,)
evil, bad; spiteful; having bad habits or an ugly disposition; painfully severe or extreme