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Colored tubes with their additives (A) and uses (U).

Red Top

A: None; U: Chemistries, Immunology and Serology; Crossmatch

Gold Top

A: None; U: Chemistries, Immunology and Serology

Lt. Green Top

A: Plasma Separating Tube (PST) with lithium heparin; U: Chemistries

Red-Gray Top

A: Serum Separating Tube (SST) with clot activator; U: Chemistries

Purple Top

A: EDTA liquid; U: Hematology (CBC) and Crossmatch; full draw required; invert 8 times to prevent clotting and plt clumping

Lt. Blue Top

A: Sodium citrate; U: Coagulation (PT, PTT); full draw required

Dk. Green Top

A: Sodium heparin or lithium heparin; U: For lithium level, use sodium heparin. For ammonia level, use sodium or lithium heparin.

Dk. Blue Top

A: Sodium EDTA; For lithium level, use sodium heparin. Trace element testing (zinc, copper, lead, mercury) and toxicology

Lt. Gray Top

A: Sodium fluoride and potassium oxalate; U: For lithium level, use sodium heparin. Glucose: full draw required (may cause hemolysis if short draw). ETOH level.

Yellow Top

A: ACD (acid-citrate-dextrose); U: HLA tissue typing (transplants); paternity testing; DNA studies

Yellow-Black Top

A: Broth mixture; U: Microbiology: aerobes, anaerobes, fungi. Draw anaerobes first.

Black top

A: Sodium citrate (buffered); U: Westergren Sedimentation Rate; requires full draw

Orange Top

A: Thrombin; U: STAT serum chemistries

Brown Top

A: Sodium heparin; U: Serum lead determination

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