APUSH Chapter 5 American Pageant

Paxton Boys
group of Scots-Irish in Pennsylvania, that marched into Philly and protested the Quaker's acceptance of the Indians
Regulator Movement
groups of Scots-Irish in North Carolina, where they protested eastern domination in the colony
Triangular Trade
the system of trade between the colonies, Africa, and Europe
Molasses Act
English law that banned the colonies from trading with France for cheaper sugar/molasses to make rum
opposes the absolute predestinarianism of john calvin and holds that human free will is compatible with god's sovereignity
Great Awakening
movement during 1730's and 1740's helped by jonathan edwards and george whitefield; inspired controversy over emotionalism/revivalism, revived the Puritan religion after the Half-Way Covenant
Old Lights
orthodox clergymen
New Lights
Awakening Ministers
Poor Richard's Almanack
first famous book written by Benjamin Franklin, emphazised such homespun virtues as thrift, industry, morality and common sense. was well known in europe and was more widely read in america than anything except the bible.
Zenger Trial
1735 trial that promoted the idea of freedom of the press
Royal Colonies
8/13 colonies that are run by royal governors appointed by the king
Proprietory Colony
3 colonies- PA, MD, DE, chose to govern themselves
Jonathan Edwards
minister of the Great Awakening
George Whitefield
minister of the Great Awakening
Phyllis Wheatley
slave who was educated and was first to be a published poet