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A name or title that distinguishes or identifies


A speech sound that consists of either two vowels or a vowel and a semivowel


A person for whom something is or is thought to be named


The study of human speech, especially its components, structure, and nature, and how it changes


A newly made-up word, phrase, or expression


A particular manner or kind of speech


a. A dialect other than the standard dialect of a language, especially a regional or uneducated form of speech. b. The distinctive language of a special group; jargon


a.consisting of many groups speaking different languages. b. speaking or writing several languages. c. containing elements or material from different languages. noun. a. a person who knows several languages. b. a mixture of languages


a. The ungrammatical usage of a word or construction of a sentence. b. A violation of good manners or good taste. c. something out of the normal or proper order


a. Spoken by or using the language spoken by the common people rather than literary, cultured, or learned people; vernacular. b. of or associated with the common people. c. Lacking taste or delicacy; coarse. d. conspicuous and excessive;pretentious


An object worn to bring luck or to protect against evil or injury; charm


Characterized by or subject to sudden, unpredictable changes; fickle


The belief that all events are determined in advance by fate and cannot be changed by human means


A set of words spoken as a magic charm or to cast a magic spell


Presenting favorable circumstances; auspicious; advantageous


Resulting from or seeming to result from divine will; fortunate; opportune


a. A peculiarity of behavior; mannerism; idiosyncrasy. b. An unpredictable or unaccountable shift in action


The ability to make valuable discoveries by chance; luck


A wild or unpredictable notion or action; odd fancy


a. One of the suddn or unexpected changes or shifts often encountered in one's life, activities, or surroundings. b. a change or variation


a. The condition of being without a stop or interruption. b.An uninterrupted succession or flow


a. To approach the same point from different directions; meet. b. To move toward a common conclusion or result


a. the basic or essential feature of something. b. a baffling or puzzling point that is difficult to explain


a. to begin; originate; cause to begin. b. to admit into membeship


a. central or crucial to something; very important. b. pertaining to pivot, the shaft about which a related part rotates or swings


a. something that follows; continuation. b. a result or consequence. c. a literary work that, while completein itself, continues an already existing narrative


one subject to the authority of another


Only superficially relevant or related


To bring to an end;conlude


a. last; coming at the end. b. Farthest; extreme. c. greatest possible

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