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30 terms

Hunger Games Chapters 1 - 3 Test

Katniss' Father
died in a mining explosion
The baker gave ________ to Katniss
blonde hair; 12 yrs old; naive
works in mine; Katniss' hunting partner
Mr. Mellark
the baker
Katniss' parents and Miss Everdeen
are the two people who own, or have owned an apothecary
provider for the family; 16 years old; old poacher
baker; Katniss' opponent; 16 yrs old; Katniss is indebted to him
Effie Trinket
Pink hair; administrator of the Capitol
President Snow
small thin man with white hair
Peeta's stylist
Haymitch Abernathy
the tribute who is still alive; a drunk
mayor's daughter
gave Katniss a gold pin
North America
is the old name of the continent which is the setting of the book
is the new name of the continent which is the setting of the book
is symbolized by dandelions
Silent salute
means they love you; thanks; admiration; goodbye to a loved one
The hunger games was started
as punishment to the Districts for the uprising and how the Districts are totally at the Capitol's mercy
Katniss lives
in District 12
The nickname for District 12 is
Katniss sells the wild game she kills
to starving people in her district.
Coal mines
are District 12's industry
The Hob
is the black market
is how many times Katniss' name was in the ball
is synomonous wth corpse
Hunger Games
are 2 people from each of the 12 districts (a boy and girl) chosen to fight to the death for a year supply of luxury for themselves and their district.
Dark Days
was the uprising of the Districts against the Capitol
The gold pin
looked like a small golden bird with a ring around it and is attached by the wing tips. It was a mockingjay
are the mutted birds mutated by the Capitol