Health: Unit 2 Review

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Cardiorespiratory Fitness
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heat exhaustionWhen the body overheats; causes heavy sweating, rapid pulse, headache, dizziness, and extreme thirstHeat StrokeWhen the body is unable to cool down and bodily temperature rises uncontrollably; causes severe nausea, flushed/pale skin, no sweatRICERest, Immobilize, Cold, Elevatestatic stretchingHolding a stretch for a period of time, generally 10-30 seconds (better used at the end of workouts)dynamic stretchingstretching done in continuous, slow, and controlled manner (better used before a workout)Muscles grow......after liftingWhen it comes to either use it or lose itHeat CrampsPainful muscle contractions due to poor hydration during exerciseHypothermiaabnormally low body temperature; causes shivering, confusion, dowsiness, & slurred speechFrostbiteA condition that results when body tissues become frozen; causes loss of color in skin (gray and waxy) and numbnessFrostnipThe early stages of frostbite; causes re/pink color to skin and tingling in the areahow to find HR max220-agehow to find HRRHR max- RHRhow to find bottom of THZHRR x0.6 + RHRhow to find top of THZHRR x0.8 +RHRFitness professionals exercise at 60% to 80% of your Maximum Heart RateIt is important to get ______ hours of sleep every night7-9 hoursOnly transport a person with heat stroke to an ambulance after...... they have cooled down