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Either of two lines drawn perpendicular to each other in a graph.

tree diagram

A diagram used to find the prime factorization of a composite number.


There are several statistical quantities called means,e.g.,harmonic mean,arithmetic mean,and geometric mean.However,"mean"commonly refers to arithmetic mean that is also called arithmetic average.Arithmetic mean is a mathematical repreesentation of the typical value of a series of number,computed as the sum of all the number in the series divided by the count of all numbers in the series.Arithmetic mean is the balance point if the number are considered as weights on a beam.



bar graph

A graph that uses bars to show and compare data .


Number that shows the units on a graph.



ordered pair

A pair of number used to locate a point on a coordiate grid.


The amount between tict marks on the scale of a graph.



line graph

A graph that connects points and often shows how data changes over time.

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