anatomy test 3

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CSF functions
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1. olfactory: smell
2. optic: vision
3. oculomotor: 4/6 eye muscles raise eyelids
4. trochlear: 1/6 moves eyes
5. trigeminal: maxillary and mandibular division
6. abductens: 1/6 moves eyes
7. social: taste receptors, facial expression, tear/ salivary glands
8. vestibulocochlear: equilibrium and hearing receptors
9. glossopharyngeal: tongue, tonsils, salivary gland
10. vagus: speech and swallowing
11. accessory: motor to muscles of neck and back, soft palate
12. hypoglossal: muscles of the tongue
spinal nerves8 cervical 12 thoracic 5 lumbar 5 sacral 1 coccygealreceptor types1. mechanoreceptors: detect changes that deform receptors, physical contact, provide balance from ears 2. chemoreceptors: change in concentration of chemicals, smell and taste, change in blood 3. nocireceptors: pain receptors, tissue damage 4. thermoreceptors: sense temp. change 5. photoreceptors: in eyes, respond to light 6. proprioceptors: change in tension of muscles and tendons 7. baroreceptors: change in blood pressure