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Why was MMPI-2 needed?

Original MMPI created over 50 years ago

Mike is going to try to look mentally ill. He takes MMPI-2. He most likely will

by caught by specialized scales on the test.

Psychological Assessment refers to

Procedures used to summarize a client's problem

Which is true about assessment and professional orientation?

focus of assessment will be largely determined by professional orientation of clicinian.

What was unique about Esteban

Assessment was done in both English and Spanish

What is one problem with actuarial data?

Profile of many subjects do noot fit profile types for which actuarial data are available.

Which is an objective test


Five hour battery of test that includes listening to rhythmic beats presented by tape recorder and putting different shaped blocks into grooves while blindfolded?

Halstead-Reitan battery

True statement about Rorschach

Considerable amount of training is required to administer and score it correctly

Pretend that doctor is father as part of a psychosocial assessment

analogue studies (staged role playing)

Not one of the tree basic categories of stressors?


pituitary gland

releases hormones that regulate many bodily functions

during resistance stage of personality decompensation

coping mechanisms are permitting one to function, but signs of the stress may begin to be apparent

Psychoneuroimmunology refers to

examining effects of stressors on immune system

the fight or flight response

invovloces activation of the sympathetic nervous system

symptoms are to signs as ______ is to _______


true statement about assessment

an adequate assessment should include as much info as possible to allow the clinician to determine how the individual is functioning now and to predict how she will respond to various forms of treatment

_______ involves achieving a stable state by changing


beneficial features are ability to map ongoing pysc activities of the brain without injecting radioactive substances into patient's body


short term crisis therapy

begins with assumption that affected individual was functioning well before crisis

Projective test that has been adapted for computer interpretation?


Dr. Hunter is studying depression. Any subject who continues to feel hopeless and sad for more than 3 weeks after a loss will be considered depressed. He is using...


which would be used to reveal "dysrhythmia" in brain activity?


why is it important to have an appropriate classification of presenting problem

a.Formal diagnosis may be needed for insurance purposes
b.Recognition will aid in development of effective treatment plan
c.Determination of range of presenting symptoms needed to ensure proper placement in a treatment facility

What is not a reason to use rating scales in clinical observation and self-reports?

decrease objectivity

Limitation of MMPI-2

requires an individual to be literate

When would a clinician most likely use self-monitoring

to find out what situations are likely to illicit problematic behaviors

Whenever fill a need to drink, indicate what you were thinking, where you were, who you were with, and whether you had the drink.

self monitoring

not an example of defense oriented coping

finding a workable compromise

when POW's first return

their relief and job at being released often masks the trauma's effects


may develop in recovery stage of disaster syndrome

Why is divorce still a potent stressor?

new problems and challenges usually emerge following a divorce

which demonstrate reliability?

when an IQ test is administered to the same person repeatedly, and results do not differ

Example of task oriented coping?

leaving a cheating spouse

disorders that begin by adolescence or early adulthood, persist for long periods of time and affect many areas of a person's life are listed on

Axis 2

"Combat Exhaustion" is known as _______ today.

PTSD; acute stres disorder

Damage to the pituitary gland would most likely lead to

hormonal imbalances

New perceptions and experiences tend to be worked into our existing schemas, even if the new information must be distorted to fit them. This process is...


Tracy and Kevin are both 3 months old. Tracy is highly active, easily irritated, and cries easily. Kevin is quiet, adapts easily to change, and seems fearless. These differences illustrate

differences in temperament

Why is classification a necessary first step in developing an understanding about abnormal behavior?

communication about abnormal behavior cannot be effective unless what is being discussed is clear

Research by Exner and others has show than the Rorshach

can be scored by computer, thereby increasing its reliability

Dr. White is doing research in which she must diagnose clients at a mental health clinic. Because diagnostic reliability is of great concern in research, she will most likely establish diagnoses by using

standardized structured interviews

Projective and objective are two types of _____________ tests


The MMPI is

a structure approach to personality assessment

which approach to classification of abnormal behavior uses statistical criteria to differentiate between normal and abonoral


a valid test

measures what it is supposed to measure

Dr. Kim is a psychologist who uses a number of tests to measure a person's cognitive, perceptual, and motor performance to detect brain damage. She is using

neuropsychosocial assessment

two general categories of psychological tests used are

personality and intelligence

lifelong conditions are typically ound on


false statement about brain dysfunction and psychiatric disorders

identifiable brain damage is often the cause of psychiatric disorders

A clinical research subject is given a beeper that produces a soft tone at unexpected intervals. This assessment tool measures

thoughts and feelings in natural settings

when psychologists say that a person shows resilience it means

the person can successfully adapt and survive in threatening circumstances

normal human cells have

22 autosomal chromosome pairs and one pair of sex chromosomes

which of the following is an unstructured approach to studying personality

the TAT

which of the following is an example of a symptom

the client reported hearing voices

Which of the following would best address recent criticism of the TAT

use more modern pictures

Dr.Smith believes that a decrease in frontal lobe function underlies cognitive deficits seen in schizophrenia. He has hypothesized that effective drug therapy serves to selectively increase metabolic activity in this part of the brain. Which of the following is Dr. Smith most likely to use to test this hypothesis?

positron emission tomography (PET) scans

Which is most commonly used in research, as poopsed to as a tool for clinical diagnosis

fMRI; EEG; CAT scan; PET scan

the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) has been used to assess all of the following except


All of the following are physical conditions that may produce behavioral symptoms that mimic psychological conditions except

somatoform disorders

which of the following statements about reliabillity and validity is true?

valid tests are usually reliable

Which of the following most accureately describes notion of different viewpoints of abnormal behavior

each viewpoint offers its own expanation of abnormal behavior

if a psychological test is standardized it means the clinician can

compare the individuals responses to those of other comparable people

a psychosocial assessment typically bengins with

an interview

cognitive behavioral psychologists believe that abnormal begavior

results from distored thing and information processing

which of the following is not a culture bound syndrome


in which of the following circumstances would a psychosocial assessment clearly need to be used

ever since the divorce, James has been sleeping less and less

Dr. Spock, a psychiatrist, takes a biopsychosocial viewpoint of psychopathology. Which of the following treatments is he most likely to suggest for Julia's current state of depression?

a combination of psychological therapy and antidepressant drugs

Jane has been diagnosed with shizotypal personality disorder. Jane's distorted view of the world, however, does not prevent her from working and living a relatively normal life. Which of the following terms best describes Jane's condition?


The disorders first recognized as having biological bases are best characterized as disorders that

involved significant damage to brain tissue

Joanne says that she cannot say no to her intrusive mother. Her therapist has her pretend to engage in such an interaction to assess how weak Joanne's assertiveness skills really are. This illustrates the use of

role playing

during an assessment interview, Dr. Poole noted that Jane's boss at work was harassing her. On which of the five axes of the DSM would this information be noted?

Axis 4

Psychologica test

are dependent on the clinician who interprets them

which of the following is an unstructed approach to studying personality

the TAT

neuropsychological test

use the measurement of performance on perceptual-motor tasks to give clues about impairment after brain injury

one limitation of the MMPI-2 is that it

requires a clinical interview as a supplement to the test itself

what role does the social context play in assessment

an evaluation of the environment in which the client lives is necessary in order to understand the demands he faces, as well as the supports that are present.

all of the following involve psychological disturbances that occur in response to an identifiable experience except


after the Northridge earthquake in Southern California, during which part of a heavily traveled freeway collapsed, many people noted that it was lucky that this tragedy occurred on a holiday as there were few people on the road that early Monday morning. Does this "it could have been worse" sentiment moderate the effects of this natural disaster?

yes, finding the benefit such as this has been shown to aid in adapting to such stressors

what is the difference between a stressor and a crisis

while all crises are stressors, not all stressors are crises

an individual with a high stress tolerance

can function well in the face of a high level stress

which of the following is considered to be the most reliable life event approach

the life event and difficulty schedule

Under what circumstances is a structures interview most likely to be used

when consistent information is needed for research purposes

which category of adjustive demands (stressors) would obstacles like prejudice and discrimination be placed it


since it was first published, the DSM has

become more objective

it is belived that the incidence of combat exhaustion during WW2 has been underestimated because

many men were trateed in the field and never formally diagnosed

what is no a key factor in a stressor more serious

its a type or category

A person comes to a mental health professional with a certain complaint. The professional attempts to understand the nature and extent of the problem. This process is called


The Life Events and Difficulty Schedule

allows the rater to consider the person's unique circumstances

The fMRI technique cannot currently be used as a diagnostic tool. This is because

it is very difficult to interpret the results

What is the difference between a stressor and a crisis?

While all crises are stressors, not all stressors are crises.

Disorders that begin by adolescence or early adulthood, persist for long periods of time, and affect many areas of a person's life are listed on

axis 2

Which of the following is a drawback of a structured interview?

They may include questions about areas that are of no concern to the patient.

Which approach to the classification of abnormal behavior uses statistical criteria to differentiate between normal and abnormal?


Which is not a stressor linked to immunosuppression, according to the text?


The term "crisis" refers to

any time when a stressful situation exceeds one's ability to cope.

Why is there such a high likelihood of long-lasting psychological problems resulting from active combat experiences?

Combat situations present highly stressful situations for which there may be no truly effective coping mechanisms.

At very high levels of stress

personality may play a role in decreasing vulnerability to stress.

Which of the following would be an example of a projective technique?

a child is asked to draw her family

Which is not an individual risk factor for developing PTSD?

believing that thier symptoms are a sign of personal strength

While the DSM is designed to be a categorical classification scheme,

the existing criteria tend to lead to a prototypal approach

the empirical keying approach to making a test like the MMPI involves

picking items that differentiate between different groups, no subjective judgment is needed

which is not a criticism of projective tests

client responses are limited

computers are excellent devices for storing info on large numbers of people's characteristics and test score patterns...

actuarial procedures

what would determine whether the WISC-III or the WAIS-III is used to test intelligence?

the age of the client

one advantage of the MRI over the CAT scan is that the MRI

provides bettern differentiation and clarity

which statement regarding assessment is true?

should include as much info as possible to allow clinician to determine how individual is functioning now, and to predict how she will respond to various forms of treatment

MMPI-2 Computer based report with Esteban was typical of such reports b/c

the report provided diagnostic and treatment considerations


structured approach to personality assessment

stress-inoculation training

involves learning new ways to think about an anticipated threat, and then applying these techniques to several different types of threats

as election approaches, public has come to accept that they will be selecting the lesser of two evils..

double avoidance

significant drawback of the use of medication for PTSD is

it can actually serve as a reinforce for one of the major symptoms of PTSD bc it can allow a person to avoid the feelings associated with the trauma

which would likely be a source of eustress

graduating from high school

ego-defense mechanisms

become problematic when they are used excessively

which is a criticism of life event scales

peoples' moods can have an impact on their ratings of stress

which would be expected during first phase of personality decompensation

Julia struggled to control her emotions

which Axes are rarely used in most clinical settings

axes 4 and 5

which is an assumption of categorical approach

each disorder has unique symptoms

research on those who experienced accident at 3 mile island has demonstrated

physical indices of high stress may be present for an extended period of time following a trauma

pschological assessment reders to the

procedures used to summarize a client's problem

not an example of defense-oriented coping

finding a workable compromise

which category of adjustive demands (stressors) would obstacles like prejudice and discrimination be placed in?


what does it mean if Carol scores high on the Schizophrenia scale of the MMPI?

Carol's answers were comparable to those given by a group of schizophrenics.

the aim of a projective test is to

asses the way a patient perceives ambiguous stimuli

Danielle is having problems with drinking. She goes to a psychologist who gives her a form to fill out. It has a list of statements about drinking and problems associated with drinking. She is to rate each item between 1 and 3- 1 meaning it is not a problem for her, 3 meaning it is a very big problem and 2 is in between. This is an example of

rating scale

unlke the medical practitioner, the mental health professional's assessment process

rarely has "lab work" that can confirm an initial impression

the DSM acknowledges that

a DSM diagnosis is on the first step, much more is needed to determine treatement

intelligence and personality test can best be described as

indirect means of assessing psychological characteristics

chad really wants to go to a party on Friday because he knows the person who he is very interested will be there and he may be able to get a date. Then a person Chad is somewhat interested in asks him out for Friday. This is an example of

double approach conflict

which of the following will lower a soldiers risk of developing PTSD

believing strongly in the goals of conflict

which of the following would be an example of direct therapeutic exposure?

mandy visited the accident site

estimates of the prevalence of PTSD

demonstrates that is is more commonly seen in women

eustress is

a response to a happy life event

according to the text, the term stress will be used to refer to

the effects of stressors

the psychotropic medications used in the treatment of PTSD

treat the symptoms the client is experiencing

Which of the following would be used to reveal a dysrhythmia in brain activity?

CAT scan

the general adaptation syndrome is

a model that helps explain the course of biological decompensation under excessive stress

i often find that when I am ill, I am not able to cope effectively with the normal hassles of life. I find myself becoming irritated by things that I would usually be able to ignore. Which of the following would explain this phenomenon?

when using resources to deal with one stressor, the ability to tolerate additional stressors may be compromised

a person comes to a mental health professional with a certain complaint. the professional tries to understand the nature and extent of the problem. this porcess is called.


megan's boyfriend suddenly broke up with her. Megan spends most evenings crying. She calls her friends over and over to talk about the relationship and the break-up, to the point that her friends are beginning to dread talking to her. Megan is

using a defense oriented response to stress

one of the problems with actuarial data for an instrument like the MMPI is that

the profiles of many subjects fo not fit the profile types for which actuarial data are available

coping strategies are

efforts to dal with stress

the social readjustment rating scale

is an imperfect means of quantifying the level of stress experience over a period of time

which of the following will lessen the impact of stress on a person

positive social and family relationships

the development of new methods of coping

may be an outcome of a crisis

for which of the following would the use of stress-innoculation training be most effective?

preparing for chemotherapy

Ed has suffered a head injury in a car accident. He is referred to a psychologist to see what types of impairment now exist and to get some suggestions for treatment. The best assessment strategy would be

neuropsychological tests

what role does social context play in assessment

an evaluation of the environment in which the client lives is necessary in order to understand the demands she faces, as well as the supports that are present.

the stress glucocorticoid that is produced in humans is called


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