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i copied the 6 beautiful terms from momof3sweets and added a few more....i have a 5th grader


Roman monk, sent to Britain
to convert the Anglo-Saxons
to Christianity and to establish
the authority of the Roman.


Men under religious vows who
live in a community and whose
work is usually centered on
their community, which is called
a monastery.


the residence of a religious
community, esp of monks,
living in seclusion from secular
society and bound by religious


the bishop of Rome as head
of the Roman Catholic Church.


the skin of sheep, goats, etc.,
prepared for use as a material
on which to write.


a room, as in a monastery,
library, or other institution,
where manuscripts are stored,
read, or copied.


religion that spread all through all the countries in the Roman Empire and survived the fall of the empire

597 ad

Augustine brought Christianity to Britain with 40 men


ruled the southern part of Britain when Augustine arrived


town where Augustine settled and became the first Archbishop of Canterbury

Books in the Middle Ages

expensive, written by hand VERY CAREFULLY, took months to write

Taught the Anglo Saxons to Read and Write

Augustine and other Christians


leader of all the Christians in the Roman church in a certain area

It's a Monk's Life

a life of prayer, fasting, and meditation, church 8 times a day, studying the Bible, no wife or kids, live in a community, worked in the garden and all the jobs of the group, feed the poor, some used herbs to help the sick


chief monk

location of monasteries

Italy, Spain, Africa, and all countries that wer in Rome

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