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When demonstrating 2022 Maxima's Xtronic CVT, what should you point out about D-step tuning?
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What is the advantage of 2022 Maxima's lightweight forged aluminum-alloy suspension components?They improve dynamic performance without sacrificing strength or durabilityWhat is the benefit of 2022 Maxima's Intelligent Forward Collision Warning (I-FCW)?Helps alert the driver to a potential frontal collision by monitoring the vehicle traveling in front of the vehicle immediately aheadWith 2022 Maxima's Easy-Fill Tire Alert, what happens when the correct air pressure is reached?The horn soundsAfter pressing the "talk" button to turn on the Voice Recognition system, what does pressing the "talk" button again do?Bypasses Voice Recognition promptsIf 2022 Maxima's Blind Spot Warning (BSW) detects another vehicle in the blind spot area in an adjacent lane, what happens if the driver activates the turn signal?An indicator light flashes and an audible warning soundsWhich of the following are primary competitors of 2022 Maxima?-Toyota Avalon -Kia Stinger -Acura TLXWhen downshifting in manual shift mode, 2022 Maxima's Downshift Rev Matching will ________.Raise engine rpm momentarily to provide smoother downshifts and a sportier sound and feelHow can 2022 Maxima's available Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) notify the driver of vehicles approaching from either side when backing up?Visual and audible warningsWhich package is no longer available on Maxima for 2022?40th Anniversary Package2022 Maxima's available Active Ride Control (ARC) applies brake pressure momentarily to cancel the bounce motion caused by ________.Large road surface bumpsHow does 2022 Maxima's Lane Departure Warning (LDW) with Haptic Steering Wheel alert the driver that the vehicle is drifting out of its travel lane?-The steering wheel vibrates for up to 1.5 seconds -A panel light illuminatesWhen activated, what is the function of 2022 Maxima's available Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)?Automatically adjusts the vehicle's speed to help maintain a consistent following distanceWhat is the advantage of 2022 Maxima's over-the-air software and map updates?Owners can update audio unit software without going to a DealerWhat does 2022 Maxima's available Active Noise Cancellation do?Helps reduce undesirable low-frequency sounds in the cabin2022 Maxima's front and rear vented disc brakes provide ________.Reduced brake fade under high-speed or continuous brake applicationWhat does 2022 Maxima's available Active Sound Enhancement do?Accentuates the natural high-performance sound of the engine during accelerationWhat are the capabilities of 2022 Maxima's Advanced Drive-Assist® Display?-Shows turn-by-turn navigation if a destination is set, or a compass direction if not -Personal settings can be linked to individual Intelligent Keys -Provides easy recognition of vehicle information and warnings -Includes a display showing individual tire pressure readoutsWhat interior feature is now standard on Platinum models for 2022 Maxima?Heated rear outboard seatsHow do you engage 2022 Maxima's manual shift mode?Move the shift lever to the left from the Drive positionWhen is 2022 Maxima's Rear Door Alert activated?A rear door is opened and closed within approximately 10 minutes before the vehicle is driven2022 Maxima's available rain-sensing windshield wipers operate when the wiper switch is in the ________ position.AutoWhat important vehicle-specific information can a 2022 Maxima customer get on www.NissanUSA.com/bluetooth? Choose all that apply.-Device feature compatibility -Recommended devices -Device setup guide -Not recommended devicesWhat is the benefit of 2022 Maxima's Zero Gravity front-seat design?Helps reduce fatigue when driving long distancesWhat happens if 2022 Maxima's Rear Door Alert is activated and the driver does not disable the alert after arriving at their destination?-The horn will sound unless a rear door is opened or closed within a short interval -A second message will appear on the vehicle information display to check the rear seat for all articlesWhen demonstrating 2022 Maxima's parking assistance, which available feature should you point out helps you see how well you are centered in a parking space?Intelligent Around View® Monitor (I-AVM)Maxima's Safety Shield® 360 suite is standard on ________ for 2022.All trim levelsWhen demonstrating 2022 Maxima's confident cornering, which of the following features should you point out?-4-wheel independent suspension -Sport-tuned suspension (SR) -Electrically driven hydraulic power steeringWhat is the function of the green, yellow, and red grid lines on 2022 Maxima's available Intelligent Around View® Monitor (I-AVM)?Help judge distancesHow does 2022 Maxima's Intelligent Driver Alertness (I-DA) warn a driver it has detected fatigue or lack of attention?-A visual alert will appear in the instrument cluster -An audible warning soundsWhat reason can you give a customer for choosing to drive with 2022 Maxima's manual shift mode?Provides even more control over engine responseWhat performance characteristics are enhanced by 2022 Maxima's available Intelligent Trace Control (I-TC)?-Cornering feel -Steering responseWhich of the following are proper Voice Recognition operating tips?-Bypass a system prompt by pressing the talk button -Use complete street names for navigation -Wait for the system beep before issuing a command -Pronounce numbers individually instead of in combination (such as "two six" instead of "twenty-six") -Speak clearly at a natural rateWhen demonstrating 2022 Maxima's confident cornering, what should you point out?-The minimal understeer when cornering -How level the vehicle stays -How quickly Maxima responds to steering inputWhat are the functions of the buttons in front of the control knob on 2022 Maxima's Display Commander?-Go to the map screen -Go to the main menu -Go backHow does the acoustic glass in 2022 Maxima's windshield and front door windows help reduce noise?-Absorbs noise energy within the glass -Reflects noise back to the sourceHow does 2022 Maxima's Intelligent Driver Alertness (I-DA) monitor the driver's attention?By monitoring steering inputs over a period of timeHow are 2022 Maxima's 60/40 split fold-down rear seatbacks released by someone standing at the trunk?Using the straps at the top of the trunk openingWhen delivering 2022 Maxima with the available Dual Panel Panoramic Moonroof, what should you point out?The front and rear sliding sunshades do not operate independentlyWhat is the function of 2022 Maxima's available Integrated Dynamics-control Module?Manages engine, transmission, and Vehicle Dynamic Control capabilities for enhanced handlingWhat is the advantage of 2022 Maxima's over-the-air software and map updates?Owners can update audio unit software without going to a DealerWhat is a benefit of 2022 Maxima's NissanConnect® with Wi-Fi Hotspot?Users can turn their vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot to keep passengers connected on the goWhich of the following features are adjusted by the Sport mode setting of 2022 Maxima's Drive Mode Selector?-Tuning of the Integrated Dynamics-control Module -Transmission tuning -Throttle response -Steering feel -Active Sound Enhancement tuning (if equipped)Which of the following are features of 2022 Maxima's Nissan Door to Door Navigation?-Enhanced traffic map -Driving and walking directions -Point of Interest informationWhen 2022 Maxima's High Beam Assist (HBA) is activated, how does the driver return to full-time high beam headlights?Turn the headlight switch to the "headlight" positionWhat is the Benefit of 2022 Maxima's Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection?Can automatically engage the breaks to help avoid a frontal collision or mitigate the effect of an impact