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sociology chapter II

summary items
This shapes our goals in life, our sense of justice, and our feelings
Anything humans attach meaning to can serve as a:
Twice as many people speak this language as speak English:
This is the language of 1/5 of the world's people who live primarily in this continent
Language spoken by 1/10 of the world's people
This is the 2nd most spoken language in the US
Higher income countries tend to be____ and _____ and favor______________
secular, rational, self expression
Lower income countries tend to be more_________ and concerned with______________
Traditional, economic survival
Youth cultures tend to develop as societies industrialize because young people have more:
independence, free time and money
An indication that a global culture is emerging is the widespread use of what as a second language
Cultural universal is an older concept linked to
structural -functional approach
Cultural universal belives that if some cultural trait is found everywhere it must be ________________
useful to society
Multiculturalism falls within this theory
social conflict approach
Structural functional approach- level of analysis is at ___________ level
Social conflict approach- level of analysis is at ___________ level
Sociobiology approach- level of analysis is at ___________ level
Structural functional approach defines culture as a system of __________ by which members of society__________
behavior, co-operate to meet their needs
Social conflict approach defines culture as a system that:
benefits some people and disadvantages others
Sociobiology approach defines culture as a system that is partly shaped by:
human biology
Structural functional approach states the foundation of culture is
rooted in a society's core values and beliefs
Social conflict approach states the foundation of culture is
rooted in society's system of economic production
Sociobiology approach states the foundation of culture is
rooted in humanities biological evolution
Structural functional approach asks the core questions
does the pattern help society operate
what patterns are found in all society's
Social conflict approach asks the core questions how does the pattern
Support social inequality
Sociobiology approach asks the core question how does the pattern
Help a species adapt to its environment
The strength of the Structural functional approach shows how a culture operates to
meet human needs
This approach largely ignores
cultural diversity
It downplays the importance of
Cultural systems are neither as stable or universal as this approach leads us to believe
Structural functional approach
Social conflict approach suggests that cultural systems do not address
human needs equally
To gain a fuller understanding of culture these two approaches should be used
Social conflict approach
Structural functional approach
Sociobiology approach
is part biology and part sociology
Sociobiology is controversial for two reasons
fear that biological arguments of race or sex superiority will re-emerge
no proof that biology determines human behavior