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McCarthyWhat former Senator from Wisconsin was known for trying to find communists in the US government in the 1950s?DecameronWhat collection of stories by Giovanni Boccaccio includes tales from 3 women and 7 men fleeing the plague in Florence?ElgarWhat British composer wrote the Enigma Variations and Pomp and Circumstances (played at graduations)?DanubeWhat river is the second longest in Europe, empties into the Black Sea, and flows through Vienna and Budapest?Archbishop of CanterburyA famous murdered one was Thomas Becket. What is the name for the most senior clergyman in England?American GothicWhat painting by Grant Wood depicts two people standing in front of a house, one holds a pitchfork?Tale of GenjiWhat work by Japanese author Lady Murasaki Shikibu is often considered the world's first novel?St. AugustineWhat 4th and 5th century Christian theologian lived in the north African city of Hippo and wrote Confessions?Free RadicalsWhat term is given to molecules or ions with unpaired electrons in the outer shell?WellsWho wrote The Island of Doctor Moreau and War of the Worlds?PucciniWho wrote the operas Girl of the Golden West, Turandot, and La Boheme?Slaughterhouse FiveWhat work by Kurt Vonnegut has Billy Pilgrim relive the firebombing of Dresden, Germany?GettysburgWhat Civil War battle in Pennsylvania pitted George Meade against Robert E. Lee and included Little Round Top?Julius Caesar"Et tu, Brute?" is a line from what play involving Mark Antony and Brutus by William Shakespeare?IndonesiaWhat Asian country is home to the islands Sumatra, Celebes, Flora, Java, and parts of Bornero and New Guinea?WarholWhat artist worked in a studio called "The Factory" and did works including Marilyn Monroe, Chairman Mao, and soup?ReaganWhat president was governor of California, fired thousands of striking air traffic controllers, and was a Republican?HalogensWhat group of elements includes bromine, chlorine, and fluorine?GatsbyWho is the main character of the F. Scott Fitzgerald work that includes Daisy Buchanan and Nick Carraway?ParkFrederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux designed what urban green space in New York City?TolstoyWhat Russian author wrote The Death of Ivan Ilyich as well as War and Peace?J Q AdamsHenry Clay supported this man for president, leading to his win over Andrew Jackson in what Corrupt Bargain?Laden JarThis primitive battery consists of a glass cup lined and wrapped with metal foil and named for a Dutch city.InfernoWhat is the first section of Dante's Divine Comedy, where Virgil guides Dante through hell?Abyssal ZoneWhat oceanic zone gets no sunlight at all and life there depends on thermal vents or the sinking of organic matter?CarrollWho wrote the non-sense poem Jabberwocky as well as Through the Looking Glass about Alice?Jack RubyWhat Dallas nightclub owner shot Lee Harvey Oswald on line TV, the first murder ever broadcasted on live TV?