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Brave New World
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Don QuijoteIn what book by Miguel de Cervantes does the main character fall in love with Dulcinea and fight windmills?VulcanizationCharles Goodyear patented what process used to make rubber stronger?Mending Wall"Good fences make good neighbors" according to what poem by Robert Frost?NewtonWhat mathematician and scientist explained how derivatives represent rates of change in his 1687 work Principia?GarrisonWhat man published the abolitionist newspaper The Liberator along with Isaac Knapp?StravinskyNijinsky served as the choreographer for multiple ballets, such as The Rite of Spring and The Firebird by whom?South AfricaWhere are the authors Nadine Gordimer and Alan Paton from, which is the setting for Burger's Daughter by Gordimer?League of NationsWhat international organization served as the precursor to the United Nations, set up in the Peace of Versailles?Van GoghWho painted The Starry Night, was friends with Paul Gauguin, spent time in a mental hospital, and chopped off his ear?HeisenbergAccording to what man's uncertainty principle, it is impossible to be completely accurate in position and momentum?Cask of AmontilladoMontresor imprisons Fortunato behind a wall in a wine cellar in what Edgar Allan Poe short story?GunpowderWhat explosive substance is made from a mixture of saltpeter, charcoal, and sulfur?KeatsThe poem Adonais by Percy Shelly is about what poet of Ode on a Grecian Urn and Ode to a Nightingale?VictoriaWho was referred to as the "Empress of India" and the "Grandmother of Europe" while queen of England?SaturnThe small moon Pan is located within the Encke gap around what planet that was studied by the Cassini probe?Uncle Tom's CabinSubtitled "Life Among the Lowly," what novel tells the story of Eliza, George Shelby, Eva St Clare, and Simon Legree?PolioJonas Salk developed a vaccine for what disease that causes childhood paralysis and is now almost eradicated?KahyiamWhat Persian poet and polymath wrote the Rubaiyat, a collection of quatrains?OresWhat type of mineral is mined for the valuable metals within, such as hematites for iron and galena for lead?SublimationWhich phase change is when a substance goes directly from solid to gas?GuevaraWhat man, born in Argentina, traveled to Cuba (mostly by motorcycle) where he helped Fidel Castro take over?CrucibleWhat Arthur Miller play includes the characters Giles Corey, Tituba, Abigail, and John Proctor - who is hung for witchcraft?DurerA skull sits on the windowsill of the engraving Saint Jerome in His Study by what German artist?ArizonaKyrsten Sinema, Mark Kelly, Barry Goldwater, and John McCain were all Senators for what state?HopperWhat American realist painter painted Automat, Chop Suey, and Nighthawks?PolymerSilk and cellulose are both this type of structure consisting of long, repeating chains of identical isoprene subunits?