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Elbow - Boney Landmarks

Medial epicondyle
end of humerus - notch on elbow (medial side)
Lateral epicondyle
outside lateral part of end of humerus
radial side where radius connects - looks like a ball on the humerus
ulnar side that ulna cups on the humerus - spindle shaped
coranoid process
projection that fits into fossa on ulna (anterior)
coranoid fossa
small dip on the humerus that ulna fits into
radial head
flat superior part on radius
radial tuberosity
bump on radius
ulnar tuberosity
below coranoid process, small bump
radial notch
on ulna/small notch where head of radius fits - connected to coranoid process
posterior side of ulna (larger and corresponds with radial notch)
olecranon fossa
on humerus - posterior dip on humerus
trochlear notch
u - shaped dip on the ulna
wrist flexers
go on anterior side of arm from wrist to medial epicondyle
wrist extensers
posterior from hand to lateral epicondyle