Abran el libro (en la página ____), por favor

Open the book to page ..., please

Levántense, por favor

Stand up, please

Siéntense, por favor

Sit down, please.

Levanten la mano.

raise your hand

Bajen la mano.

put your hands down

Escuchen con atención.

Listen carefully

Repitan después de mí.

repeat after me

Saquen una hoja de papel.

Take out a piece of paper

Silencio, por favor.

Quiet, please.

Miren la pizzara.

Look at the board.

Para decir

For saying/telling

¿Cómo se dice...en español? ¿...en inglés?

How do you say...in Spanish/in English?

¿Cómo se escribe...?

How do you spell...?

Más despacio, por favor.

Slower, please

¿Puedo ir...?

Can I/May I go to...?

al baño

the bathroom

al casillero (aunque no te mando)

my locker (even though I do not send you)

al fuente

to the water fountain

a la enfermera

to the nurse

a la oficina

to the office

No entiendo.

I don't understand

No sé.

I don't know

¿Puede repetir, por favor?

Can you repeat, please?


Excuse Me

Tengo una pregunta.

I have a question

Otras Más...

some more...


to change, to exchange

Rellena. (rellenar)

Fill in/out. (to fill in/out)

Sube. (subir)

Go up/ Up/ Climb up. (to go up, to climb up)

Baja. (bajar)

Down/ Get down/ Lower (something) down (to get down, to lower)


Thank You

De nada.

You're welcome


God bless you

Lo siento.

I'm sorry

Apunta. (apuntar)

Note/ Make note of/ Take notes. (to note (something), to make note of, to take notes)

Toca. (tocar)

Touch/ Play (instruments ONLY)

Ven (aquí).

Come (here)!

Camina. (caminar)

Walk (to walk)

Mira. (mirar)

Look (at)/ Watch. (to look at/ to watch)

Habla. (hablar)

Talk (Speak). (to talk/speak)

Contesta. (contestar)

Answer. (to answer)

Pregunta. (preguntar)



Tell me.

Brinca/Salta. (brincar; saltar)

Jump. (to jump)


Give me.

Entrega. Entrégamelo

Hand in. Hand it in to me.

Pasa. (pasar)

Pass (to pass)

Busca. (buscar)

Look (for it)./ Search (for it). (to look (for it)./ to search (for it).)

Escucha. (escuchar)

Listen. (to listen)

Vira los escritorios. (virar)

Turn your desk around. (to turn)

¿Qué te pasa?

What's the matter (with you)?



Sé, sabes (saber)

I know/ you know (to know)

Puedo, puedes (poder)

I can/ you can(to be able to; can)




there is, there are

Páselo/Pásela bien.

Have a good day/ afternoon/ night
Have a good one

Tengo, tienes (tener)

I have/ you have (to have)




partner, pair, couple

Recuerda(s). (recordar)

Remember/ (You remember) (to remember)

¿Estamos/Están listos?

Are we / you all ready?


Are you finished?


We finished


to finish

¿Estamos de acuerdo?

Are we in agreement?

Faena de Acción

Performance Task



Quita todo del escritorio

Take everything off the desk

¿Qué significa...en inglés?

What does...mean in English?

la persona al lado de ti

the person next to you


Move (yourself)

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