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What is the majority of the surface of the Earth (crust) made from?
∙ What is the inner core of the Earth made from? Iron and nickel Why is it solid? From all of the pressure and weight (pressure freezing)
∙ What is the Molten outer core made from, and why is it liquid? Iron and nickel and its liquid because tis so hot, made from same thing from inner core less pressure so not frozen

∙ What is the mantle made from? What is its texture? Lighter silicate rocks, Slushy
∙ Why does Earth have a magnetic field (Don't get too scientific). its the current of metal rock in the earth
∙ How do we know what's inside of the Earth? Seismology and earthquakes
∙ Discuss the results for the three different types of boundaries for plate movements. Transform lots of earthquakes. Convergent make a lot of mountains and volcanoes. Divergent create a lot of new surface for the earth
∙ What are the five most abundant compounds that make up the Earth's atmosphere? Nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor, argon, carbon dioxide
∙ Why is there little to no Helium or Hydrogen in the atmosphere? Its too light and gravity of earth is not strong enough to hold it in
∙ What feature of the atmosphere keeps the surface of the Earth so warm? The greenhouse effect,its ability to trap heat from the sun.
∙ Be able to identify the four layers of the atmosphere in order from lowest to highest.
∙ Water and CO2 were the most abundant compounds in the
atmosphere upon conception. What happened to all of the water and CO2 in the atmosphere? The water condensed out of the air and created the oceans, the co2 also condensed out of the air mostly into rock in the form of limestone and lot of that rock is in the bottom of the ocean.