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Binocular Tube

Holds 2 eyepieces or oculars

Oculars (eyepieces)

2 Lenses positioned in binocular tube; magnifies image 10x

Diopter adjustment ring

Ring at base of left eyepiece; adjusted according to interpupillary distance


Used to carry microscope

Revolving Nosepiece

Revolving plate which holds objective lenses


4 lenses which magnify the image

Scanning objective

Magnifies 4x

Low power objective

Magnifies 10x

High (dry) power objective

Magnifies 40x

Oil immersion objective (longest objective)

Magnifies 100x


Platform containing a central opening; contains a specimen holder with a spring-loaded finger

Mechanical Stage

Device which holds the microscope slide in place and moves it along the stage


Group of lenses below the stage in which directs and concentrates the light beam from the lamp to the specimen

Diaphragm lever

Adjusts the amount of light passing through the condenser; controls brightness

Coarse Adjustment Knob

Focuses image by raising and lowering the stage; clockwise=raises stage, counter-clockwise=lowers stage

Fine Adjustment Knob

Small knob in center of course adjustment knob used for final focusing


Bottom support; houses lamp


Light source; a tungsten bulb

Voltage control dial or slide

Controls intensity of light from lamp

Power switch

Switch on front which turns on lamp; indicator lamp shines when light is on

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