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William Berkeley

Governor of Virginia, during bacon's rebellion, questionable character

Nathaniel Bacon

rebelled because of Berkeley's friendliness with Indians, 29 year old free indentured servant, planter, led group of free indentured servants

Yarrow Mamout

Muslim brought to Maryland as a slave, bought his freedom, settled in Georgetown

William Bradford

governor of Plymouth colony

Matthew Hopkins

17th century witch hunter, watched suspects, death to hundreds of women

Indentured Servant

people working in america to pay off dept for 5-7 years

Slave codes

governed slaves how slaves could be treated, worst from barbados

headright system

in plantation colonies, encouraged indentured servitude, man payed for voyage of person and gained 50 acres of land


scolded parishioners for waning pity

middle passage

waterway that carried slave ships, horrifying, squished, high mortality rates

freedom dues

things an indentured servant would get when they worked off their dept

with hunting

bad things happening, people looked for scapegoat, accused people of being witches

Yankee ingenuity

stirve to be the best, nothing was going to hold us back, ready to meet every challenge

family stability

new england had most stability, there is mother, father, children, and grandparents in one house, still maintain relationship after children left

Bacon's rebellion

attackd and chased berkley out of jamestown, burned it

Leisler's rebellion

bloody insurance that rocked NYC between landholders and merchants

half-way covenant

baptized at birth weakened distinction between elect and others, halfway good person

African American

africans who were descendants of people who came from africa, any black person

New England Primer

book, reading book teaching people how to reach, about historical figures, morals/ethics, how to be a good citizen

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