300 Hour Yoga Exam

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What is Shatkarma?
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Which chakra does the gyan mudra benefit most?MuladharaWhat is the seed mantra for the Heart Chakra?YamWhat is the seed mantra for the Sacral Chakra?VamWhat is the seed mantra for the Throat Chakra?HamWhat is the seed mantra for the Third Eye Chakra?AumWhat is the seed mantra for the Root Chakra?LamWhich Meditation technique is good for balancing the left and right brain?Nadi ShodhanaWhat are some meanings of the word, "Sanskrit?"Refined, perfected, polished, perfectly and entirely doneWhy is Savasana important at the end of class?Savasana allows the body to absorb and integrate the benefits of yoga practice into muscle memory, mind, and nervous systemWhat are the qualities of Kapha Dosha?smooth soft oily sweetWhat is the difference between Hatha & Ashtanga?Ashtanga is a form of hathaWhat does Yoga Nidra do?deep sleep stateWhat are the benefits of the Vayu mudra?improves digestive fireWhat is not a benefit of practicing Nadi Shodhana pranayam?decreases red blood cellsWhat is not a benefit of twisting postures in yoga?lengthen hamstringsWhat is the Kundalini Shakti?The sleeping serpent coiled at the base of the spine