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Chapter 1 - section 2: Gravity and Motion

Section 2: Gravity and Motion
a push or a pull exerted on an object.
The attractive force between objects; its strength depends on their masses and the distance between them.
Law of Universal Gravitation
The scientific law that states that every object in the universe attracts every other object.
The amount of matter in an object.
The force of gravity on an object.
The tendency of an object to resist a change in motion.
Newtown's first law of motion
The scientific law that states that an object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will stay in motion with a constant speed and direction unless acted on by a force.
The strength of the force of gravity between two objects depends on two factors:
The masses of the objects and the distance between them.
Name the two facts that Newton concluded to keep Earth in orbit around the sun and the moon in orbit around Earth
inertia and gravity