go verbs- irregular

yo forms end in go, all other forms have a stem change
tener (e-ie)
to have
contener (e-ie)
to contain
detener (e-ie)
to detain
mantener (e-ie)
to maintain
obtener (e-ie)
to obtain
venir (e-ie)
to come
convenir (e-ie)
to agree
intervenir (e-ie)
to intervene
seguir (e-i)
to follow
conseguir (e-i)
to get, obtain
perseguir (e-i)
to chase, pursue, persecute
extinguir (e-i)
to extinguish
distinguir (e-i)
to distinguish
decir (e-i)
to say, tell
predecir (e-i)
to predict
bendecir (e-i)
to bless