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deltoid tuberosity of humerusdeltoid insertionAbduction, flexion, extension, abduction, & medial & later rotation of arm at shoulderdeltoid action/movementSerratus anteriorName this muscleLevator scapulaeName this musclePectoralis minorName this muscle*Trapezius*Name this muscleoccipital bone; spinous processes of C7-T12trapezius originacromion & spinous process of scapula, clavicletrapezius insertionExtends the head, rotates and adducts scapula Elevates/depresses the scapulatrapezius action/movement*Latissimus dorsi*Name this musclelower vertebrae, ribs 1-9, iliac crestlatissimus dorsi originhumeruslatissimus dorsi insertionExtends, adducts, & medially rotates shoulderlatissimus dorsi action/movementSupraspinatusName this muscleSubscapularisName this muscleInfraspinatusName this muscleTeres minorName this muscleTeres majorName this muscleRhomboids minor & majorName this muscleCoracobrachialisName this muscle*Rectus abdominis*Name this musclepubic crest & symphysisrectus abdominis originxiphoid process, costal cartilages of ribs 5-7rectus abdominis insertionFlexes & rotates vertebral column Depresses ribs Compresses abdomen (*MEDIAL*)rectus abdominis action/movement*External oblique*Name this muscleribs 4-12external oblique originlinea alba, pubic crest, iliac crestexternal oblique insertionFlexes & rotates vertebral column Depresses ribs Compresses abdomen (*DISTAL*)external oblique action/movementInternal obliqueName this muscleTransversus abdominisName this muscleErector spinaeName this muscleExternal intercostalsName this muscleInternal intercostalsName this muscleDiaphragmName this muscle*Triceps brachii*Name this musclehumerustriceps brachii originolecranon process of ulnatriceps brachii insertionPrime mover of elbow extensiontriceps brachii action/movement*Biceps brachii*Name this musclecoracoid process & glenoid fossa of scapulabiceps brachii originradial tuberositybiceps brachii insertionElbow flexion Forearm supinationbiceps brachii action/movementBrachioradialisName this muscle*Brachialis*Name this muscledistal humerusbrachialis origincoronoid process of ulnabrachialis insertionPrime mover of elbow flexionbrachialis action/movementPronator teresName this muscleFlexor GroupName this muscle (anterior view)Extensor GroupName this muscle (posterior view)SupinatorName this muscleIliopsoasName this muscle*Gluteus maximusName this muscleilium, sacrum, coccyxgluteus maximus origingluteal tuberosity of femur, iliotibial tractgluteus maximus insertionExtend the thigh when it is elevated Laterally rotates & abducts the thighgluteus maximus action/movement*Gluteus mediusName this muscleiliumgluteus medius origingreater trochanter of femurgluteus medius insertionAbducts, medially rotates the thighgluteus medius action/movementGluteus minimusName this musclePiriformisName this muscle*Sartorius*Name this muscleanterior superior iliac spinesartorius originmedial side of proximal tibiasartorius insertionFlexes, abducts, & laterally rotates the thigh Flexes thigh at the kneesartorius action/movement*Rectus femoris*Name this muscleanterior inferior iliac spine, acetabulumrectus femoris origintibial tuberosity, patella (superficial)rectus femoris insertionExtends leg at the knee & flexes thigh at the hiprectus femoris action/movement*Vastus lateralis*Name this musclegreater trochanter of femurvastus lateralis origintibial tuberosity, patella (lateral)vastus lateralis insertionPrime mover of knee extension (lateral)vastus lateralis action/movement*Vastus medialis*Name this musclefemurvastus medialis origintibial tuberosity, patella (medial)vastus medialis insertionPrime mover of knee extension (medial)vastus medialis action/movement*Vastus intermedius*Name this musclefemurvastus intermedius origintibial tuberosity, patella (deep)vastus intermedius insertionPrime mover of knee extension (deep)vastus intermedius action/movementTensor fascia lataeName this muscle*Biceps femoris*Name this muscleischial tuberosity, femur (lateral)biceps femoris originhead of fibula, lateral condyle of tibiabiceps femoris insertionExtends the thigh at the hip Laterally rotates the leg at the knee, flexes kneebiceps femoris action/movement*Semitendinosus*Name this muscleischial tuberosity (intermediate)semitendinosus originmedial side of proximal tibiasemitendinosus insertionExtends the thigh at the hip Medially rotates the leg at the knee, flexes kneesemitendinosus action/movement*Semimembranosus*Name this muscleischial tuberosity (medial)semimembranosus originmedial condyle of tibia, lateral condyle of femursemimembranosus insertionExtends the thigh at the hip Medially rotates the leg at the knee, flexes knee (medial)semimembranosus action/movement*Gracilis*Name this musclepubisgracilis originmedial surface of tibiagracilis insertionAdducts the thigh at the hip Flexes & medially rotates the leggracilis action/movement*Adductor longus*Name this musclepubic symphysisadductor longus originfemur (intermediate)adductor longus insertionAdducts, medially rotates, & flexes the thigh at the hip (intermediate)adductor longus action/movement*Adductor magnus*Name this muscleischium, pubisadductor magnus originfemur (inferior)adductor magnus insertionAdducts, medially rotates, & flexes the thigh at the hip (inferior)adductor magnus action/movement*Adductor brevis*Name this musclepubisadductor brevis originfemur (superior)adductor brevis insertionAdducts, medially rotates, & flexes the thigh at the hip (superior)adductor brevis action/movementPectineusName this muscle*Tibialis anterior*Name this musclelateral condyle of tibiatibialis anterior originmetatarsal I, tarsaltibialis anterior insertionPrime mover of dorsiflexion Foot inversion Supports longitudinal arch of foottibialis anterior action/movementExtensor digitorum longusName this muscleFibularis (peroneus) longusName this muscle*Gastrocnemius*Name this musclemedial & lateral condyles of femurgastrocnemius origincalcaneus (superior)gastrocnemius insertionPlantar flexes the foot when knee is extended Flexes kneegastrocnemius action/movement*Soleus*Name this muscleproximal tibia & fibulasoleus origincalcaneus (inferior)soleus insertionPrime mover of planter flexionsoleus action/movementTibialis posteriorName this muscleFlexor digitorum longusName this muscle