16 terms

audio mixer

a wave must be....
phantom power supply
built into board, acts as battery for condenser mics
low cut switch
cuts very low frequencies... mic on stage will pick up sound from walking on stage
opposition to current flow in AC
opposition to current flow in DC
direct box
convey the impedance of the guitar from hi to low
gain control
amplitude; volume
unity gain
does nothing, no boost, no difference
line level signal
place where signal goes in the equipment; about 1 volt
tone control
shelving equalization
takes everything from a point and boosts it or cuts it
selectively variable
equalization that has two knobs; select frequency, vary amplitude
sweep type EQ
control ou move to select frequency (find out where problem is)
pink noise
all freq from 20 Hz to 20,00 Hz playing at the same time and same level of energy
mix together 16 channels of sound
opposite of mute switch mute all other outputs only hear this one channel