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personal injury protectioncovers medical expenses, lost wages, and certain other costs like child care while you visit the doctor5 types of Insurance policies & coverage you need1. Health Insurance 2. Car Insurance 3. Homeowners or Renters Insurance 4. Life Insurance 5. Disability Insurance5 unnecessary insurance policies1. flight insurance 2. life insurance for kids 3. accidental death insurance 4. disease insurance 5. mortgage life insuranceWhat to consider when purchasing health insuranceNeeds Doctors CostWhat does car insurance cover?Liability Personal Injury Protection Collision Comprehensive Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Medical PaymentsTrue or False: Once you sign up for health insurance, your medical costs will be $0FalseTrue or False: Everyone pays the same premiumFalse___ out of ___ teen crashes involve distractions6 out of 10What is the purpose of insurance?transfer riskWhy do insurance companies have a large pools of people to pay premiums?The premium payments of all the insured clients will cover the costs for the emergencies of the few who need itWhat is the most important type of insurance?Health InsuranceTypes/percentages of insurances we have in the USAuto- 72% Health- 70% Life- 45% Homeowners-43% Renters- 14% Fire- 13% Earthquake-7% Flood-6% Pet-3% Travel-3%Percentage of teen distractions15%- Interacting with one or more passengers 12%-using a cellphone 10%-looking at something in the vehicle 9%-looking at something outside the vehicle 8%-singing/dancing to music 6%-grooming 6%-reaching for an objectWhy does insurance cost less for married couples?They are more responsible driversWhy does Insurance cost more for teen boys then girls?They are less responsible drivers and are more likely to speed and take risksWhat color cars are most likely to get in crashes? least likely?Most- Black Least- Yellow