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Saying what you used to like and dislike (Capítulo 7.1)

¿Odiabas ir al colegio?

Did you hate going to school?

No, lo encontraba genial.

No, I thought it was great.

¿Te molestaba hacer los quehaceres?

Did doing chores used to bother you?

Sí, siempre me fastidiaba mucho.

Yes, it used to annoy me.

¿Te parecía pesado el fútbol?

Did soccer seem boring to you?

No, me fascinaba.

No, I loved it.

¿Te caía bien Roberto?

Did you like Roberto?

No, me caía mal.

No, I didn't like him.


to get scared


to share


to build

contar (ue) chistes

to tell jokes

hacer travesuras

to play tricks


to fight

soñar (ue) con

to dream about

trepar a los árboles

to climb trees


to annoy


to bother


to hate

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