him 410 quiz 4

True or False? A 75-year-old with incontinence and balance problems would be a good candidate for long-term care in an institutional setting.
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True or False? The DHHS crafted the Action Plan to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.TrueMental disorders are common psychiatric illnesses affecting which group?AdultsUninsured individuals typically tend to be:young adults (25-40)Which of the following are characteristics of vulnerability?-Predisposing -Need -EnablingTrue or False? A usual source of care may be defined as a single provider or place where patients obtain, or can obtain the majority of their health care.TrueTrue or False? Health care disparities were reduced between blacks and whites during the 1960s and 1970s.TrueWhich predisposing characteristics would make someone vulnerable from a health care perspective?- Demographic characteristics - Belief systems - Social structual variablesWhich of the following requires a solution beyond just policy work?Gunshot woundsTrue or False? The roots of the Action Plan to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities can be found in the ACA.TrueTrue or False? Individual assets are enabling characteristics with regard to health care vulnerability.TrueWhich of the following are macro-level determinants of health care quality?- Population health - Cost of careTrue or False? When a government rations the availability of MRI scans, it is supply-side rationing directed at health planning.TrueAccountable care organizations are:Designed to help increase cooperation between providers across various health care settings to improve Medicare patient outcomes.True or False? People in the United States have had to forgo home ownership and educational achievements due to the cost of their health care.TrueWhich of the following are part of health care costs?- Prices paid - National spending - Provider spendingTrue or False? A sheet given to you at your provider's office that lists the set prices of basic services, such as common immunizations, improves health care quality via cost-saving transparency.TrueWhich of the following describes access to care?It is often predicted by income and occupation.True or False? Numerous studies have shown unequal access to health care among various groups in the United States.TrueTrue or False? Cost-efficiency comes when the benefit of a service outweighs its cost.TrueMany people in a small town are unhappy with the primary care provided by the only available physician. What is this a problem of, and at what level is it occuring?Small area variations, micro levelHow does health care policy-making operate in the United States?incrementalyHow was the Medicare PPS system designed to curb escalating health care costs?By providing a general fee schedule for services.What two main concerns dominate the debate today over Medicare reform policy?Decrease spending; provide comprehensive coverageWhat type of allocative tool spreads benefits throughout society?DistributiveThe CHIP is focused on the health care of children.TrueTrue or False? After the ACA was enacted, individuals with higher incomes may still have trouble paying deductibles and premiums.TrueTrue or False? Providing all funding for graduate medical residents isa n essential role that individual states play in health care policy-making.FalseTrue or False? The American public generally accepts the idea of universal health coverage and the federal government managing the health care delivery system.FalseTrue or False? The U.S. health care delivery system is centrally controlled.FalseWhich of the following helps distribute public financing of health care?- Medicare - Medicaid - Veterans Health Administration