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Crumb topping for pastries , made of flour, butter and sugar?


A cresent-shaped roll made with a roll-in dough?


A dough in which fat is incorporated into the dough in many layers by using folding and rolling procedures?

Roll in dough

Another name for a type of sweet almond filling?


French name for a type of rich, flaky roll with a chocolate filing?

Petits Pains au Chocolat

A fold used to make Danish dough, in which the dough is folded in thirds?

Simple fold

A rich yeast dough contianing large amounts of eggs and butter, usually made into rolls with round topknots and baked in fluited tins?


A type of yeast bread or cake that is soaked in syrup?


An Italian sweet bread made in a large, round loaf, usually containing dried and candied fruits?


What mixing method is often used for mixing sweet doughs?

Sponge Method

In the classic pastry shop there are two basic rolled-in doughs, name them?

(1) Croissants dough
(2) Danish dough

When a rich dough contains a high proportions of sugar the sugar is often creamed with the fat why?

This procedure will make it more evenly distributed in the dough

Sheet pans for baking sweet dough products should be what to prevent the bottoms from burning?

- Grease lightly
- Lined with silicone paper

What is baked in a buttered tube pan?


Which dough contains more eggs Croissants dough or Danish dough?

Danish dough

How many folds are used after the butter is enclosed in the dough of Danish dough?

Three folds

When most sweet dough products are iced with flat icing, the incing is put on how?

this is drizzle on so it dose not cover them completely

Name three types of filled dough rolls?

(1) Bear Claws
(2) Danish Spirals
(3) Danish pockets

What makes rich dough very soft?

High levels of fat and eggs

3/4 proof is best for what times of dough?

Rich doughs

Because rich dough is so tender they are generally what?

underfermented and underproofed

Why do you lined bun pans with silicone paper?

Because there is a danger of sticking

Name two doughs high in sugar?

- Rich sweet dough
- Kungelhoph dough

This is the general term given to sweet yeast-raised dough goods, both laminated and non-laminated?


Name three example of Viennoiserie?

- Brioche
- Danish
- Croissants

Each complete rolling and folding step is called?


Dough mixtures for quick breads are generally of two types?

(1) Soft doughs
(2) Batters

These dough is used for biscuits?

Soft dough

Batter is made of these two types?

(1) Pour batters
(2) Drop batters

What is pour batters?

liquid enough to be poured

What is drop batters?

batter thick enough to be dropped from a spoon

Define tunneling?

elongated holes inside of muffins

Name the three quick bread mixing methods?

(1) Biscuit method
(2) Muffin method
(3) Creaming method

Define biscuit method?

This method is sometimes called the pastry method because it is like that used for mixing pie pastry

Define muffin method?

This method is used for pancakes, waffles and many loaf type quick breads. It is fast and easy and the dough can quickly become overmixed. They are tend to be a little drier than bread and cake.

Define creaming methods?

This method is a cake mixing method that is sometimes applied to muffins and loaf breads. It is a more time consuming procedures than the muffin method.

Define the Biscuit procedures?

(1) Scale ingred
(2) Sift dry ingred
(3) Cut in the shortening and mix
(4) Combine the liq ingred only
(5) Add the liq and dry ingred
(6) Knead it lightly
(7) Repeat the procedures 6 - 10 times

Define the Muffin procedures?

(1) Sift all dry ingred
(2) Combine all Liq ingreds
(3) Add liq to Dry and mix
(4) Pand and Bake

Define the Creaming procedures?

(1) Combine fat, sugar and milk powder
(2) Blend into paste
(3) Add the eggs and blend
(4) Add the water or milk and mix
(5) Sift flour and baking powder and add to bowl, mix to a smooth dough

What temp should muffin be cook?

350 - 400 F

What temp should donuts be cook?

350 - 375F

A baked product made of thin batter, leavened only by stem and characterized by large holes on the inside?

Steamed Brown bread

The mixing method used to prepared yeast-raised doughnuts is called?

Modified straight dough method.

You should proof doughnuts at what type of temp and humidity?

Low temp and low humidity

What are the seven cares of frying fat?

(1) Use good flavorless fat
(2) Fry at proper temp
(3) Maintain fat at proper level in fryer
(4) Do not fry to many at the same time
(5) Keep fat clean
(6) Discard spent old fat
(7) Keep fat covered when not in use

Why does too low frying temp makes doughnuts greasy?

it extends frying time

Doughnuts should be what before finishing with sugar or coating?

They should be cooled and drained

What are made from Eclair paste?

French doughnuts

Define fritters?

A deep fried item made of or coated with a batter or dough

Name the two type of fritters?

(1) Simple fritters
(2) Fruit frittes

Define Beignet Souffle?

Fried elcair Paste

Define Jalebis?

Indian deep fried pastry soaked in syrup

Define Bismarks doughnuts?

Another name from German for a jelly filled doughnuts

Define crepes?

they are thin unleavened pancakes

How are American style pancakes and waffles made?

Muffin method with pour batters

What is the different between waffle or pancakes formulas?

- Waffle batter contains more fat
- Waffle batter contains less liq
- Whipping eggs white in waffles add lightness

Batter leavened by baking soda should not be what?

Do not make this too far ahead because the soda will lose its power

What is the most famous of all crepes desserts?

Crepes Suzette

Define cannoli?

Fried Italian pastries made in a tube shapes, generally with a sweet cream or cheese filling

Define Gaufre?

French term waffle

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