Unit 1 The Americas: Worlds Meet

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Founded Quebec in 1608
1663 New France became a royal colony
Went far into the interior of North America establishing forts and trading post
France established colonies along the St. Lawrence River in the North and the Mississippi River in the South.
French colonization developed slowly, mostly interested in furs, trading and fishing
French were much more friendly with Native Americans they tried to convert them to Catholicism but did not try and change their customs. They lived among them, learned their language and respected their ways.
Spain controlled much of South America, Central America and the Caribbean.
Spain moved up through Mexico to establish settlements in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas
Spain controlled Florida and built missions along the Pacific coast in present day California
Spain forced Native Americans to convert to Christianity and forced them into slavery
Controlled the lands between the two groups of English colonies (North - Massachusetts, New
Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island South - Maryland and Virginia)
New Amsterdam - main settlement - located on Manhattan Island
Excellent seaport - became a center of shipping to and from the Americas
Dutch West India Company - wanted to increase settlers in colony - offered large estates for
patroons - people who could bring at least 50 settlers to work the land - ruled like kings - had their own courts and laws - settlers owed the patroons labor and a share of their crops
1664 - English sent a fleet to attack New Amsterdam - Dutch were unprepared and surrendered