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*Variety of classification schemes used by corporate and military organizations
Information owners responsible for classifying their information assets - reviewed periodically
*Most organizations do not need detailed level of classification used by military or federal agencies; however, organizations may need to classify data to provide protection
*Security clearance structure
--Each data user assigned a single level of authorization indicating classification level
--Before accessing specific set of data, employee must meet need-to-know requirement

( Data Classification and Management
A variety of classification schemes are used by corporate and military organizations.
Information owners are responsible for classifying the information assets for which they are responsible.
At least once a year, information owners must review information classifications to ensure the information is still classified correctly and the appropriate access controls are in place.
The U.S. Military Classification Scheme has a more complex categorization system than required by most corporations. For most information, the military uses a five-level classification scheme: Unclassified, Sensitive But Unclassified (i.e., For Official Use Only), Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret.
Most organizations do not need the detailed level of classification used by the military or federal agencies. A simple scheme will allow the organization to protect its sensitive information, such as: Public, For official use only, Sensitive, Classified. )