Lesson 4 Vowel + /r/ Sounds 6th Grade ESPABI

n. 1. a point of origin. 2. the place of origin of a stream of water. 3. one who supplies information
v. 1. to make playfully romatic or sexual overtures. 2. to act so as to attract or provoke;
n. 1. one who flirts. 2. an abrupt or jerky movement.
n. 1. a movable barrier to be jumped over in a race. 2. an obstacle to be overcome.
v. 1. to leap over; 2. to surmount ( an obstacle)
n. a warm hooded fur or cloth jacket
n. 1. an international border or the are along it. 2. a region that marks the point of farthest settlement in a territory. 3. an undeveloped field for research or discovery.
adj. 1. at, in, near, belonging to, or situated in the front. 2. going, tending to go or moving frontward. 3. lacking restraint; presumptuous. 4. well developed, technologically, economically, or politically. 5. intelectually or socially advanced.
n. a device for detecting the position, velocity, and size of distant objects by analysis of radio waves reflected from their surfaces.
adj. 1. characterised by or showing deep sincerity; serious. 2. important; grave.
v 1. to be able to opay for. 2. to be able to spare. 3. to provide.
adj. 1. of or constituting a city. 2. typical of the city life.
v. 1. to get rid of; junk; 2. to throw out from one's hand (like in playing cards).
n. 1. the act of discarding.
v. to smile in an obnoxiously conceited manner; simper
v. 1. to practice ( a play or song) in preparation for a performance. 2. to perfect by repetition. 3. to recite or retell
v. to express or feel sorrow; grieve.
n. 1. the topmost or outside boundary of a body or object. 2. outward or superficial appearance.
adj. 1. of or situated on a surface.
2. superficial.
n. 1. a wrapped package; bundle. 2. a plot or portion of land. 3. a group of things; collection.
v. 1. to feel a strong desire or craving; long (want). 2. to feel sympathy, pity, or tenderness.
adj. 1. savage and violent in nature, ferocious. 2. extremely severe; terrible. 3. very intense or ardent. 4. very difficult or disagreable.
n. 1. any of various nutrient carbohydrates that occurr widely in plants such as potatoes and rice. 2. a purified form of starch occurring chiefly as white tasteless powder used especially for stiffening fabrics.
v. to stiffen (a fabric) with starch.
n. 1. an established form of words or rules for use in a ceremoney or procedure. 2. in chemistry, a symbolic representation of the compostion and structure of a chemical compound. 3. in math, a statement especially an equation of a logical relation. 4. a recipe . 5. a nutritious liquid food for an infant.
adj. 1. parallel to the horizon.
n. 1. a closed usually circular curve; the region enclosed by a circuit. 2. electricity, a closed path through which an electric current flows or may flow. 3. (law) a regular route, as that followed by a judge around an assigned area or district. 4. a chain or association, as of theaters or competitive events.
v. to pay back
adj. 1. inspiring dread, fear, or awe. 2. difficult to undertake or overcome.
n. 1. government by a monarch( a king or queen). 2. a state or nation ruled by a monarch ( a king or queen).