Which term with a prefix, root, and suffix refers to a condition involving the liver?

a) pancreatitis
b) hypertension
c) glycemic
d) triglyceride
e) hyperbilirubinemia
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Antacids neutralize gastric acid and are used to treat a) constipation b) flatus c) diarrhea d) irritable bowel syndrome e) heartburn and acid indigestione) heartburn and acid indigestionThe functions of the large intestine are absorption, secretion, digestion, peristalsis andeliminationWhat is the name of the stomach exit area that leads to the bowel? a) ileum b) pylorus c) jejunum d) esophagus e) anusb) pylorusWhich of the following words means a procedure for removal of a mass of tissue projecting into the bowel? a) cystectomy b) diverticulosis c) appendectomy d) hemorrhoidectomy e) polypectomye) polypectomyEmesis means to a) digest b) swallow c) bite d) vomit e) eliminated) vomitA physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive system is known as a(n) a) peridontist b) gastroenterologist c) cardiologist d) dermatologist e) ophthalmologistb) gastroenterologistRead this selection: Glossodynia is a painful burning sensation of the tongue. It occurs in postmenopausal women. Its etiology is unknown, and there is no successful treatment. Which of the following statements best describes this condition? a) antibiotics will clear it up b) it occurs during the childbearing period c) it's seen in older women d) it is a complication of viral infections e) its cause is well understoodc) it's seen in older womenWhich of the following is a chronic, irreversible disease? a) jaundice b) hepatitis A c) gastritis d) gingivitis e) cirrhosis of the livere) cirrhosis of the liverThe physician suspects that the patient is bleeding from the GI tract although the patient states that no blood is visible in the stool. Which test would be most appropriate to detect blood concealed within stool? a) nasogastric aspiration b) digital rectal exam c) hemoccult d) barium enema e) colon biopsyc) hemoccultWhich of the following is the correct spelling of a term meaning the tube linking the pharynx and the stomach? a) easofagis b) esophagis c) easophages d) esophagus e) esofagusd) esophagus