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Harmful or Mean

baneful (a)

causing ruin; harmful; pernicious

deleterious (a)

harmful to one's health or overall welfare; pernicious

detrimental (a)


devious (a)

dishonest or deceptive; tricky

iniquitous (a)

showing a lack of fairness; wicked; vicious

malicious (a)

intending to hurt or harm another; spiteful

nefarious (a)

very mean and wicked

odious (a)

loathsome; evil; revolting in a disgusting way

ominous (a)

pertaining to an evil omen; foreboding

pernicious (a)

very destructive or harmful, usually in an inconspicuous and relentless way

rancorous (a)

deeply hateful or spiteful; malicious

virulent (a)

extremely poisonous; deadly; full of spiteful hatred

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