46 terms

S.S. Midterms

someone who sets up a new business to make a profit
How did entrepreneur raise capital?
They adopted new ways of organizing businesses
businesses owned by many investors
What things helped industrial growth?
Government policy, technology, railroads
How did government policy favor industrial growth?
gave lang grants, kept high tariffs on imports
How was technology a factor of industrial growth?
technology helps making products efficient
How did railroads fuel industrial growth?
Trains helped get goods and people from one place to another.
Why did banks lend huge amounts of capital to corporations?
help American industry grow faster
a group of corporations run by a single board of directors
free enterprise
the system in which privately owned businesses compete freely
What did labor unions fight for?
safer working conditions, higher pay, shorter hours
collective bargaining
unions negotiate with management for workers as a group
rapid growth of city populations
What was the cause of rapid urbanization?
Cities attratcted industry. Industry attracted people.
Where were many fast-growing cities located? Why?
Near waterways because it provided easy transport for goods
How did technology change city life?
Now people did not have to live in the city to work there. Technology made transportation easier
buildings divided into many tiny apartments
settlement house
a center offering help to urban poor
What leisure activities did city dwellers enjoy?
shopping, museum, art galleries, theater, circuses, sports
What were reasons for people to migrate?
property, religious freedom, or jobs
large compartments that usually held cattle
process of becoming part of another culture
a person who opposes all forms of government
Why did navists oppose immigration?
immigrants were taking all of the navists jobs for less pay.
compulsory education
the requirement that children attend school up to a certain age
writers who try to show life as it is
What were reasons for the great number of newspapers being sold?
eduaction and urbanizatin
yellow journalism
describes sensational reporting style
Author : Jacob Riis
How the other half lives
Author : Lincoln Steffans
The Shame of the Cities
Author : Ida Tarbell
The History of the Standard Oil Company
Author : Upton Sinclair
The Jungle
Author : Ida B. Wells
The Red Story
What was the key source of corruption?
spoils system - practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs.
civil service
a system that includes most government jobs, except elected positions, the judiciary, and the military
What was the aim of Civil service Commision?
to fill jobs based on merit
What were the progressive political reforms?
primary, initiative, referendum, recall
election in which voters choose their party
process where people vote to remove and electeed official
process that allows voters to put a bill before a state legislature
a way for people to vote directly on a proposed new law
graduated income tax
a method of taxation that taxes people at different rates depending on income
crusading journalits
a person working to destroy monopolies and trusts
protection of natural resources
national park
natural area protected and managed by the federal government