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The principal motivation shaping the earliest settlements in New England was?

Religious commitment and devotion

Compared with the Plymouth Colony, the Massachusetts Bay Colony was?

larger and more prosperous economically

One reason that the Massachusetts Bay Colony was not a true democracy is that?

only church members could vote for the governor and the General Court

The most distinctive feature of the Rhode Island Colony was that?

It enjoyed the most religious freedom of all the English colonies

Before the first English settlements in New England, Indians in the region had been devastated by?

Intertribal conflicts caused by disputes over hunting grounds

The Indian tribe that first encountered the Pilgrim colonist in New England were the?


The Puritan missionary efforts to convert Indians to Christianity were?

Weak and mostly unsuccessful

King Philip's War represented?

The last major Indian effort to halt New Englanders' encroachment on their lands

The primary value of the New England Confederation lay in?

Providing the first small step on the road to intercolonial cooperation

The event that sparked the collapse of the Dominion of New England was?

The Glorious Revolution in England

The Dutch Colony of New Netherlands..

Was harshly and undemocratically governed

The short-lived colony conquered by Dutch New Netherlands in 1655 was?

New Sweden

William Penn's colony of Pennsylvania

Actively sought settlers from Germany and other non-British countries

Besides Pennsylvania, Quakers were also heavily involved in the early settlement of both

New Jersey and Delaware

The middle colonies of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware

Had more ethnic diversity than either New England or the southern colonies

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