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Personally i like whenever we were talking about L'incoronazione di Poppea. What was mentioned during this was about how there were no stand out deep male voices in the lead or no stand out tener. After listening to the music i felt as if not only the voice was peaceful but the music was also peaceful and very calm. I dont know much about music in depth because ive never tried to learn about it until now, so this may sound crazy but i also feel like the words are very drawn out. I thought it was interesting on how you talked about Nero and castrato during this subject. On how a nero is a woman dressing as a man, and a castrato was when a male surgically altered his voice to avoid voice dropping. Then you mentioned how none of this obviously around today due to huma rights, i guess this stuck out so much to me because of how crazy it was. i love how they thought the intertwining of 2 voices were best, because it honestly is very peaceful to me. Another thing that i found interesting was when you were talking about Water Music and Royal Fireworks. Im all about being on the water, it honestly is my favorite thing. I would absoluetly love listening to this on the water while the barg floated upriver. in the Baroque period i can tell it was kinda of an upgrade (in my opinion) to the information and songs last chapter. I honestly enjoyed it. Some instruyments that i noticed i was writing down alot would have to be harpischord and organs . I know that you also said that oboes, bassoons, and clarinets were kinda like ther modern form in this period but not quiet yet. Some more i remeber that were mentioned were trumpet, horn, trombone , but i know they were not near their modern form yet in this time due to no modern valves. The trumpet also looked like a recorder during this time.