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spoken and unspoken rules of behavior


body language


viewing the world from the other person's frame of reference while remaining yourself

equal status seating

both comfortably seated at eye level, face to face position

electronic health recording

direct computer recording of patient health record

open-ended question

asks for narrative information, it leaves the person free to answer in any way

closed-ended question

ask for specific information, they ask for a simple yes or no answer


encourage the patient to say more, also called general leads, "yes" "mm-hmm" "uh-huh"


your attentiveness communicates that the pt has time to think, thinking silence is golden


echoes the pt words, repeating part of what the person has just said


recognizes a feeling and puts it into words, it names and allows expression of the feeling


when the pt wording is unclear, also used to summarize the pt words


you have observed a certain action, feeling or statement and you now focus the pt attention on it, giving your honest feedback


this response is based on your inference or conclusion, it links events and makes implied association


you inform the pt, sharing factual information and objective data


final review of what you understand the person has said, it condenses the facts

telegraphic speech

two word phrases, verb and noun normally by 2 yr olds

telegraphic sentences

3 to 4 word sentences containing only essential words


ability to consider all sides of a situation to form conclusions


conventional code of good manners that governs behavior and varies cross culturally

intimate zone

0 to 1 1/2 feet

personal distance

1 1/2 to 4 ft

social distance

4 to 12 ft

public distance

12+ ft

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