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  1. Double drum, From Cuba or Latin America, used in salsa music
  2. Come from Brazil, 2 or 3 chambered, made from steel or wood, used in samba and salsa music
  3. the bass sound of a doumbek
  4. From Cuba or Latin America, a tall, narrow drum with one head that is played by beating with the hands

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  1. How do you you hold a Conga drumOn your lap, or on a bongo stand


  2. GuiroA Latin American scraper. In Cuba and Puerto Rico it is made from a notched gourd, played with a stick. In the Dominican Republic, made of metal, played with metal fork.


  3. MaracasLatin American rattles made from gourds, filled with pebbles or seeds, shaken to make sounds


  4. What is a Dundun?African bass drum, has two sides


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